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Players without names are annoying

Thomas 1 year ago in PC / Windows • updated by WW1GameSeries 1 month ago 4

Unfortunately, it is possible to erase your own player name in Verdun and join a match anyway. That is very annoying. 3 reasons:

  1. You get pranked by chat messages that look somehow "official". New players will not even realize, that this are pranks:
  2. On "public private" events like x64, players already used this to spam the chat, and beeing not backtraceable.
  3. On "public private" events like x64, players already used this to team kill and not beeing backtraceable (as long as there are at least 2 players without a name). I am not sure if it is even possible to ban players without names from private matches.


Prevent players from erasing their entire name. OR: If someone joins a match without a name, assign him a random but unique (maybe even numbered) name like "Player1234".

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Matchmaking/MainMenu Texts UI

Thanks, as long as it cannot be abused, it can stay like this now. I like it when you can have a custom name. Keep in mind that the steam name may affect other games too. So it is good to have a possibility to use a custom name for each game. Example:

I am in Nr.2 clan in Verdun, but also in other clans for other games. That would not work without custom ingame names.

Satisfaction mark by Thomas 7 months ago

I've brought this sort of thing up before, (players with special characters or fonts) and that's why we got the ability to ban/kick by left clicking on their "name" via the scoreboard.

However, I completely agree that it is annoying to all hells having to deal with trolls and blank names. (At least in private matches like x64)

Didn't think about the impact that it would have in public matches.


We want to disable the option to adjust your name. So you can only use your steamname. You will be able to add a clantag prefix however.

Fix Live

A case of this has been resolved in V288.9841 . In future we will look into not allowing custom names by default

In New UI custom names are no longer possible. We do however allow a custom clantag.