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Blood Decal issues

Flekk 2 years ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 5 months ago 5 1 duplicate

I used to always wonder why the blood decals looked so strange. I finally figured it out!

It seems that only the reflection is rendering and nothing else. This means you can only see the blood as a reflection and not the actual decal.

For example here's a pic of a blood decal:

Not much there huh?

Now with some light:


If it helps any, I believe this happened with upgrade of the Unity engine.

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Thanks for your report! This is indeed an issue, we'll look to fix it in the near future.

Fixed in upcoming version

We've redone the decal system which addresses this issue. That fix will be live in the next big update.

Under review

Actually this was pushed back since it caused too many problems. We will have a look on how to properly adress this.