spawn killing on picardie

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This area of the Entente's first trench is considered inside the capture zone, despite being pretty far away from the main trench. It is very common to see players rush to this spot and then spawn kill people who spawn about 10 feet to the left of where I am standing in the screenshot. I think a very easy fix for the spawn killing would be  to not include the highlighted area as part of the capture zone, and instead make it desertion zone for the Central Powers. 

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
either play as central when attacking on picardie and get to this spot, or spawn as entente while defending and have someone spawn kill you here
Output Log:
Gameplay Mapping Spawning

rofl did you not hear? They reduced spawnkilling across all maps by like 80%. Spawnkilling is fixed bro. Devs used hightech heatmaps to find all the super bad spawnkillings spots. They even added a hill to Aisne. 


When you literally pull numbers out of your ass

Spawnkilling is still a problem, but you must really not play the game often if you didnt notice that these last month it is way less frequent than it used to be. I remember a time where people spawned between my pistol and and my target in the middle of a fight.

That still happens. Literally see people spawning infront of me and others all the time. The spawnkillings fixes were a joke and did nothing to reduce it. You're a trash player who has no understanding of the game if you think spawnkilling was even remotely reduced. 

you dont need to be a great player to be pissed off when you spawn on a grenade, and for me spawnkilling has been reduced in the past few months. it still is an issue, some spawn points are really bad and can be camped by an ennemy MG, but i must admit compared to what it used to be its better now. far from perfect, but better.

also, if you think anybody will take any of your comments more seriously because you throw some insults in it like you did on the post about the new update by X, youre wrong. since that update announce you just seem butthurt and out of arguments to convince people. 

But maybe im wrong about the spawnkilling things. so to any other player passing by, have you seen any change in the spawnkill rate in the last months? maybe im just extremely lucky.

Lol convince people, I don't give a shit about convincing people. Game is fucked. I'm just here to BM trash like you. 

The fact you think there's a reduction literally proves that you are braindead trash. 

Your waiver to any sort of coherence is a proof that you dont like that game.

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You and your frustration are what is killing verdun. players with oversized egos that try to compensate what mother nature didnt gave them by killing noobs virtually. You know every second you spend here is wasted and yet you continue to write nonsensical  idiocies because youre hiding behind a dumb pseudonym.

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i dont really see how this is relevant.. 

Paul has been an asshole since the update announce was revealed. dont care about what he says, he has been insulting everybody who doesnt agree with him.

btw, your idea seems good

Reported for being toxic. Fucking prick jesus

youve been insulting the devs and throwing racial insults. either that comment is a joke (and if yes its funny) either you really need to reconsider your life and the way you talk to people.

yup, i wrote one comment where i insulted you at some point because i was tired of the way you were acting. that was dumb from me, but counts the amount of messages where you insulted somebody today.

Your profile is level 0, and doesn't have a lot of playtime either. But that doesnt mean your opinion is not valid, we like to listen to everyone in our community. For example, eventhough there are many people that dont want jumpshotting to be in the game, it does remain. Even we dont particularly think its best for Verdun, but the pro community does really enjoy it and so it remains.

''we like to listen to everyone in our community'' its good to say it, better to actually do it. because look at your comments of today and get me one that shows that you like to listen to others opinion.

i currently got 530 hours on verdun. so yeah, maybe its nothing compared to the 4000 of zab, but its still a lot more than a lot of people.

Besides, grow a beard. This review is nothing more than an expression of your unsatisfied need for attention in the Verdun community.

im not gonna answer that twice. stop reposting your comments everywhere.

why is paul44 ''anonymous'' now? its unlikely that he changed that himslef, we still can see what he wrote.

also his topics seems to be gone. for the ones insulting the devs i understand, but i think the other ones should have been left on the website, mostly because we could see who upvoted them and it showed how childish these players were.

i also want to know why the ''congratulation devs, continue to make the game you intended to!'' topic by X has been removed. that post wasnt ironic, and those who upvoted it were truly happy with the new update.

well, now that your profile has been reset, i can say...

Your profile is level 0, and doesnt have a lot of playtime either. but that doesnt mean your opinion is not valid, we like to listen to everyone in our communauty. For example, eventhough there are people that want jumpshooting to be in the game, it wont remain. Even we dont particularly think its good for verdun, but most of the comunauty does really want it removed and so it will be.

Was that enough?