Account Name change and progress gone

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since i had to format C: my tannbergberg and verdun account is level 1. Before i had to format i was prestige level 3 or so. My Nichname had changed too. The Clantag has gone.

Pls help me
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If your Steam Cloud Sync wasn't enabled, there's not much the Devs can do AFAIK unfortunately. Try enabling the Steam Cloud for both Steam and the game(s)?

Tannenberg uses your Steam Account name now since the introduction of the New UI.

Thank you for your answer.

Steam Cloud Sync wasn´t enabled before format.

I have activated it now. To late for my progress. It´s gone :-(


Sorry to hear that you lost your progress after the reformat since the Steam Cloud was never enabled, but there is at least one silver lining:  Your friends still have their co-op XP with you so everything isn't entirely lost.

It is always good to have the Steam Cloud enabled in both the Steam Settings and for your games, IMO.