Give the Landser's Grabenkampfer a melee weapon

moscaflaca 4 weeks ago • updated by Munnharpe 3 weeks ago 6

If you play as the Tommy "thrower" or Poilus "grenadier d'elite" your weapon options consist of rifle, three grenades and a melee weapon, either the trench knife or club. However, the Landser equivalent, the Grabenkampfer, only has a rifle and three grenades. For the sake of consistency I think the German grenadier should have an equal counterpart.

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compare the different Infantry squad's grenadier classes.
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That would be great. The same thing goes for the raider in US doughboys who also haven't got any melee weapon.

idk, RN i dont remember by heart what these 3 classes have as weapons, but id like to point out that its often that entente/centrals weapon counterparts arent on the same level.

for example, if my memory is good, all infantry squads NCOs have a specialisation with a revolver and a greande. the problem here is that a webley/mills is to me better than a reichsvolver/stick grenade.

...but that is arguable.

That combo is now gone, now you get either webley and binoculars or the self loading pistol and a grenade, as Tommies NCO, so that's already adressed. 

The loadouts are like this for the Landser bomber: 

  1. G98 with bayonet and two grenades
  2. Luger and four grenades
  3. K98az and three grenades

And for the Doughboys bomber:

  1. M1917 Enfield and two grenades
  2. M1911 and four grenades
  3. Springfield and two grenades

The K98az is great but I wouldn't say it's any better than the SMLE. There's no way that the Springfield is as good as the SMLE. And yet the Tommies bomber get a trench club as well. I DON'T suggest we steal the club from the tommie bomber at all though! The squads being a bit different is very fine by me, but it'd be fun if this class could get a knife or atleast a bayonet in all the rifle squads.


Just giving the Grabenkampfer a field spaten or a boker knife (items which already exist) would be sufficient. If you look at the poilus,tommy and landser grenadier classes it goes something like this:

Tier 1: Rifle+Bayonet, 2 grenades

Tier 2: Pistol+four grenades

Tier 3 for tommies and poilus: Rifle, 3 grenades, Melee weapon

Tier 3 for Landser: Rifle and 3 grenades.

Generally speaking, the classes of squads are meant to be more or less equal when they are of the same squad type, the German Landsers are pretty similar to the Tommies or Poilus generally, the only real differences being the nationality of equipment.