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Can't change Refresh Rate

Adam 1 month ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Trench Rat (Trench Rat) 3 weeks ago 1

I am unable to change my refresh rate, it get's stuck at 59Hz. I have attempted to disable G-Sync, and I have used the launch code "-window-mod exclusive". Neither of these have availed to fix the issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

N.B: My monitor is able to play from 144Hz to 165Hz OC.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Launch game --> Settings --> (mess with the refresh rate)
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Is Windows set up to use your 144Hz refresh rate?

Apparently the Unity engine can't really change the refresh rate if Windows isn't set up for it. (e.g. Windows' Display is set at 59/60Hz so Unity can't change it in-game.)

P.S. Remove the exclusive mode launch option also, that can apparently affect the game's ability to support higher refresh rates.