Squad defense friends only not working

Savikas 2 weeks ago in PC / Windows • updated 2 weeks ago 2

Random people can still join your squad defense/survival game even if you tick "friends only" box. 

I thought I'll point this out because I tried to play squad defense alone, get 10 waves completed, take a golden medal and leave, but some random players keep getting in and messing things up.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
1) Tick "friends only"
2) Start the squad defense match
3) Wait for unknown people to join
Output Log:
UI Texts Matchmaking/MainMenu

"friends only" option works if you want create a squad without strangers joining your squad. as soon as you load in the game, you'll be put in a public lobby so everyone can join there. If you want to play alone you have to create a private match, but you won't gett any xp reward at the end of the game 

Okay. I knew the not getting any exp in private matches part, but I didn't know the friends only option is for squad creation only. I thought you can start a match and make it so that only friends can join if they happen to come online while you play etc. In that case, never mind the topic. Turns out it's not a bug.