The Argonne map isn’t made for 32 players battles

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Something that scares me about the upcoming bots in Verdun is the fate of small maps that are fun with few players but get grenade spammy when the lobby is full. The best example of that is the Argonne map: pretty fun with few players but it becomes a nightmare when you got more than 6 full squads on the server. Assuming the bots will work like in tannenberg, that would mean maps will be constantly full; the grenade/MP18 spam will likely get even worse than it currently is. To me some maps are good only with few players (and maps like Ypres are only good with a lot of players). I know a lot of people want bots in verdun but I continue to think it’s a bad idea.

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Play a small map with 32 people. when the lobby is full strategies like MG spawn camping or lvl 100 arty spam are devastating.
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Bots Gameplay Spawning

Only one can hope that bots aren't added into the game like how they work in Tannenberg. Whenever I read complaints about Tannenberg bots are a very common complaint. 


Tannenberg bots are (now) pretty dumb, they dont capture points, rarely use covers, and so on, but tannenberg and verdun are different games. to me bots would just not fit the overall tone of verdun, massacring tens of ennemies with the intelligence of a bunny in heat is nice in team defense but frontline isnt like that. i understand that unbalanced matches are a problem currently but 

1) bots are so dumb they dont balance much 

2) it would make MGs absolutely OP (which isnt a problem in tannen since it only has HMGs)

3) killing an ennemy will not be as rewarding as it used to be.

well, that is my opinion, if anybody think bots in frontline is a good idea id like to know why.

Pretty much agree with all of this

i've said many times that adding bots is only going to be bad for the game, all of you make excellent points for this. 

Yeah, Argonne is pretty bad at the moment.  My only suggestion would be to make the trenchlines wider and NML slightly longer, with more avenues for entry.  Every time you are just funnelled into these kill-zones with no feasible way of progressing without using grenade spam or artillery spam, and we all know how fun that is.


Infact just make the whole map wider as well.


Argonne is different and that is OK as it is.


I love the Argonne map as it is, maybe it could be slightly altered so that the first German trench would be a bit easier to enter without having to expose oneself quite that much. Are bots really planned for Verdun? That's a terrible idea, the bots are hopeless in Tannenberg, and Verdun games can be really fun also when they aren't full.

the first german trench might be hard to get into, but it also has spawns that are easy to see and very easy to block with MG fire.

also yeah, bots are coming into frontlines. i really hope they improved the AI.

well, can we at least agree that its not made for 64 player battles?

Who cares, our opinions do not matter according to you. Bring on the 64 player gamemode baby. 

I disnt said our opinions doesnt matter, i said the devs opinions matter more (since they are making the game).

And at least the bot/64 players mode is a mode. which means frontline will stay the same as it is.

Yes a new mode to split up a playerbase with a current average of 170 (and that is with multiple sales over the past two months). Gee that isn't a recipe for disaster at all. Of course with jumpshooting removed literally hundreds if not thousands will return! And new players won't leave cause they aren't going to be getting killed by those exploiting no lifes. Oh wait barely anybody will come back and those that do will be gone within a week or two. New players will still leave because the game will be riddled with the same problems its had for years and the winter update itself will be full of bugs. M2H can't release any update without breaking the game so the Winter Update which intends to add new UI, a new gamemode, and even remove jumpshooting should be a spectacular failure (like always). I would honestly bet money that jumpshooting will still be in the game even after they "remove it" because of how braindead the devs actually are. 

The devs might know how to make a game (although they're incredibly incompetent and basically just amateurs) but they sure as shit know nothing about how the game actually works, what is good for it, or what their community really wants. 

Of course it's just like 6 clan players who will leave anyway so who gives a shit amirite?

thats your opinion, and i disagree.

but how do you want anybody to listen to you at this point? youve acted like an idiot all day, youve spammed shitposts, youve acted like a 12 years old kid trying to insult people, saying a dev is gay and answering racist insults to me when you ran out of argument. you upvoted all your topics to make like your opinion is popular and tried to flag me twice when you (again) ran out of argument.

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Why would you even play a game made by braindead developers? Why don't you just quit? We won't miss you.

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Todays update made Argonne wider.