Please add some usefulness to the binoculars

Thomas 2 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated 2 months ago 3

Everybody knows it, binocs are useless...

You could add some usefulness by giving it a recon function. So if you see an enemy through binocs, make him visible on the minimap like with the recon plane.

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if someone still use or look at those docs, it has been already proposed. The implementation may be a bit more tricky, because you can have ppl proning behind a wall, aiming with binocs and spotting the whole enemy team

They could reuse all the algorithms for clipping checks, they already use for gunshots, no big deal ;)

Then you can only report enemies when you see and click on them.

But don't let us care about implementation details, that's part of the devs work. We just feed them with ideas ;-)