(Question) Why should anybody stay in the NCO’s aura

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This is a question that might sound dumb but I am legitimately wondering

I understand that being in the NCO’s aura gives you a small bunch of bonuses, but you can get obliterated by a grenade or arty shell, and team play is nonexistent because weapons are so accurate that the best thing to do is to play alone without caring about what your team is doing and try to get a max of kills.

For a game that rely mostly on personal skill and extremely few on cooperation I don’t understand why anybody would want to stay so close to their NCO at any moment of the game, in attack its suicidal and in defense you cover very few terrain and your whole squad will get destroyed by a lone jumpshooter.

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There really isn't any reason, so most people do not.


I agree, there is no reason. Which is sad, I wish Verdun was more about squad gameplay.


Some of the bonuses/perks aren't small, but the green point bonuses you get are co-op XP, which goes towards the Squad Level.

Also, following the NCOs' orders net you more co-op XP. (More than just getting into the trench that you're attacking or defending)

e.g. NCO and MG stick together in NML, while the Rifleman and Grenadier attack near the order. (Which should give a foothold for the NCO and MG to move in)

Maybe the NCO's aura should be larger though, so the Squad isn't so close together.


I kinda agree that some of the things squad XP unlocks are good, but i feel like some bonuses get worse as you unlock them. most arent, but for example when you reach squad lvl 50 with pioneres/marines/ANZACS your NCO sees his smoke shells being replaced with a phosphorous shell. that ''upgraded'' smoke shell has a 2x longer cooldown and rarely does any damage. plus fully upgraded squads are extremely rare (at least on the US server)

Good point, the upgraded call ins all have longer cooldowns often making them LESS useful. The artillery barrages are OK, the extra shells make up for the extra waiting time, but the recon squad's single shell is terrible at level <50 and 100 because the extra cooldown time is hugely overcompensating for the bigger boom you get. About the other call ins like smoke, gas, and recon plane: It would be useful if the perk of leveling your squad could be an improved call in, but also shorter cooldown times.

Absolutely, the tiny radius makes staying close to the NCO very difficult! No wonder why people just ignore it alltogether, and the same goes for the attack order radius which is also tiny.