5 minuted unban

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So i was playing verdun (as usual) this evening, and after a brief ragequit i launched it again.I went to join a couple of friends on a private match in Champagne (looking for bugs and exploits who could've been used in the ongoing ENC) and after the game ended I always say 'bg ez', as is custom in our clancand stands for 'benis gibed easily'.

That aside I normally expect to see my chatban appear (for little over a million minutes remaining), great was my surprise when I could actually see 'bg ez' appear... 

i immediately went to a public server to see if this was only a once in a lifetime experience, and said 'Hello everyone', surprisingly untoxic you would think (I'm not that toxic actually anymore, but people can't see because of the ban ;) ). I see i can still write and leave that game again. 

On the main menu I see that [DEV] Leo is currently playing on Poland and decide to swap fronts to join him in some Tannenberg. 

After a couple minutes of loading I load in and want to say 'Hellõu everybody' again, but see I'm banned again?! This time even longer than my previous ban earlier the evening... 

This isn't the first time it happened ( sent a pm already a few weeks ago about that, which is currently still unanswered), and would like to know if you guys are toying with me on purpose or if this is just another bug... 

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Get banned for 47 million minutes
Get unbanned
Get banned again after a few minutes
Get unbanned again
Get banned again next match
Output Log:

Terrible behaviour by the developers! Also can you lot unban me too, I'm sorry for what I did

banned a few years ago because of toxicity

at this point I think the euros are the only reason I hang around Verdun anymore. 10/10, this is hilarious.

Now if i write <The whole situation is getting rly weird> i ll be banned again ?