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invincible player/player not able to kill

A.J. 2 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by yuithgf 1 month ago 4

so pretty self explanatory.  I tried to kill a guy, but he wouldnt die.  but viceversa, he couldnt kill me.  he was able to capture positions.  I have video of the incident just in case you would like to see it..

Thanks ladies and gents.  you have a fine game here.  blows Battlefield 1 right the hell out of the water!!!

Game Version:
Build: 291 11358
Reproduction steps:
no idea.  
Output Log:
Needs More Reports

When this happens, you can type this into the game chat and it'll send a report to the Devs:  "/reportbug PlayerName is invincible and cannot kill other players"

Also, if the affected player could do the same it would help investigate the cause of the bug.

I've noticed a few times to recently. After anzac update.

i saw that a couple of times too. very rare, but pretty annoying bug. (current game version 292.11990)

(basically both players shoot at each other and it does nothing. usually they try to stab the other after that, that doesnt work either. it goes on untill a 3rd player comes and kill one of bugged players. after that they can kill each other again)