Please add an option to disable the splash screens

Thomas 2 weeks ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Black Yoshi 5 days ago 3

After 1000 of hours in the 1914-1918 series, I really don't need to see M2H and Blackmill splash screens on startup again and again ;-)

I could imagine to possible solutions to this:

  1. Add a command line argument to disable it (like you added a command line argument to enable FMOD)
  2. Add an ingame option in the settings to disable it for future restarts. If you want new players to see it though, you could make this option being available first after reaching level 50 or 100 etc.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Start Verdun, get annoyed by splash screen ;-)
Output Log:
UI Matchmaking/MainMenu

I usually just spam the LMB or Esc to get through them faster.


That's not fast enough ;-)

Yeah, that'd be nice.  The quicker to get into a game, the better.