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So this morning I was playing Verdun. Usual stuff and regular matches, I was wondering where are the x128 public matches at and I was happy that those formats were definitely over. But at some point Mr Leo came in my regular match and with his obnoxious admin priviledges he changed the capacity of that lobby. Fine, I quitted because me as a 3-yo-player I dont want to play that kind of unbalanced artyspam fest mess  game. So I looked around in the Frontlines main menu and surprisingly (not really), the only one lobby available was the big one. Now my question, as a guy who supported this game for enough time I guess, why should I have been forced to play something that I dont like while others do? Why are new players forced to play that gamemode where you can only die constantly? This is stupid questionable, besides a bad marketing move (not like M2H is famous for its ideas, dont take that as an insult I'm just looking at the past facts), in fact have a look at the Steam charts, as far as I can see it's again red there. I'm not accusing anyone here, I'm just pointing out the fact that Verdun isn't advertised as a x128 game (besides the fact that it's badly advertised, but that's another thing I guess) and people are forced to play that gamemode because there aren't regualr lobbies. It's ok, I'll play once, twice, maybe even 10 times (!!!) that x128, but at the 11th try, I'll quit because that thing ain't Verdun. 

Now I know that this thing is going to be half ignored because devs like to listen to other type of advices (not the best one in my opinion) and because one player less over 1m of sold copies of the game is nothing, but I'd like to warn you about that. Maybe today it's just me but tomorrow it could be half of the already small playerbase! 

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Delete x128 format from public matches for ever
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we have no problem with doing it in private games. 

Just please stop with the public games


Exactly! It's an unbalanced way to play the game and it sure as hell isn't fun. We also don't care about the fact that "hurr durr it's ww1" NCO's don't even leave trenches and spam arty. Get that garbage out of here!

I got 145 kills as nco, without shooting :DDDDDDDD


I got no problem with the x128 games, on one condition: do it wwhen there are enough alternative matches for the normal player to enjoy. Doing this on a mondaymorning when there is only one game isn't very enjoyable. Do it on a saturday afternoon/evening, when there are at least a couple of normal games happening


I agree...yesterday was only one match available and was the 80+ server. No need to be public or as others said just do it on weekends
Plus there is that lag (devs already mention that knowing about it) that makin the game unplayable


What is your usual answer if one wants the jumpshooting being canceled?

Just give this answer now to yourself.

Cope with it.


why do you have to mention jumpshooting? I didn't, let's not derail this topic

tbf jumpshooting is a game mechanic and x128 is a thing that doesnt fit verdun maps at all. Verdun is made for being x32. If people want their 128 matches, they're welcome to do in private servers, I dont have anything against that at all.

also nice forum ban lilifee lmao


It is pretty annoying. You can tell the game wasn't designed for it. Laggy, low fps, completely unbalanced and really unfun. Please stop it. 


I do not mind them too much but you can tell that it's not how the game is meant to be played. 

I say maybe keep it as special event on public servers occasionally but maybe rest of the time only for private matches? Seems like a reasonable compromise. 


Paul44 these guys don't know the meaning of compromise, been suggesting something like this for a while. For them its all or nothing. You might as well be speaking to an ironclad brick wall.