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Verdun/Tannenburg crash on title screen

John Ni 3 weeks ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Trench Rat (Trench Rat) 1 week ago 1

Each time I open Verdun or Tannenburg it crashes on the title screen with the screaming guys. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both games several time and have verified the integrity of the files several times and nothing wrong popped up. Even when I open the game windowed it does the same, everything i have tried has caused the same effect. And I have no clue why it is doing this.

Awaiting User Response

Apologies for the late reply, but if you could share the whole output log and/or crash.dmp via this site's Attach File option or something like WeTransfer/Google Drive/etc. That'd help the Devs investigate these crashes. [Ref] Where to find the output log and crash.dmp files

Are both games installed inside of a WW1GameSeries folder in steamapps/common however, and are your drivers and Windows all up to date? I can see that you have a R7 240 with 4GB VRAM, what are the rest of your computer specifications as well?