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Since all the criticism of the sound update was promptly ignored as is standard practice for the devs and it was shoved out in its miserable state, I may as well make yet another topic to be ignored listing my grievances.

-Footsteps are practically silent

-Melee is practically silent

-Guns past about 20m are silent

-Guns are still practically indistinguishable in any battle over 4 players

-The sound when you take damage is practically silent

-You go deaf for a long period of time after an explosion or even a bullet missing you, basically screwing you over and making hipfire lewis infinitely more annoying even if you manage to hit the bastard

-The headache-inducing tinnitus sound is, well, headache-inducing

-Some voices are muffled, some are not

-Everything in general sounds muffled

I think that's everything unless masks still make you deaf, haven't given that a test yet.

Game Version:
whatever the new one is
Reproduction steps:
Actually play the game
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I' d like to add to your list the stupidly loud cannon shells' sound before landing. Actually I didn't know there were supersonic jets in WWI rofl

Well the devs (who barely play) were happy with the sounds so...


I think I remember Leo playing for about five minutes as a mg in the x64 128p test. Explains a lot of the problems around Verdun if you think on it.

Yup, masks still make you deaf for the most absolutely retarded reason possible

It's not even immersion, since the masks don't cover your ears.


I'd like the new sounds more if I could actually bloody hear any of them.