Portorcale is a Cheater

Simon Dalzell 2 weeks ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by sfh1999 2 weeks ago 10 1 duplicate
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Doesn't matter
Reproduction steps:
Ban him
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this dude accused me of cheating lmao :DDDDDD

also he shoots even before aiming at some point and he still get long distance kills, dunno if it's the broken spectator mode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I really don't know if his FPS skills is very good or he is pretending, but according to his gas position (using gas inside trench when defending), he must not very familiar to Verdun. He just never reply others saying he's a hacker...

Followin pleyers throught objects, aimbot setted at low angles(u can see clearly the aimbot correction in several cases).

Clearly a noob (zero map and mechanics knowledge) cheater and ofc not even close to a legit player who can get 70+ kills per match.Proly he swap his cheat after his ban with Verdun cheat(common tactic in those sites after u get banned in a game) He left the match after i <get him> good and call him out
Plz ban the clown


User has been dealt with. Thanks for providing these reports!

Nope...he is in game again and shooting the ground with headshots


I've gone ahead and reissued the ban, but it's possible that they didn't quit the game for the ban to take affect.

devs should send 1000 recon planes at the same time and his game will crash...

According to the Devs, even if the person doesn't quit the game, their connection should be disabled sometime soon after the ban is issued.

I think the game will automatic reconnect to the server after quit each match...I always failed to connect to server after return to main menu.