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2 bugs in 11145

sfh1999 3 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by Trench Rat (Trench Rat) 2 months ago 3
ATM, spawn in FFA/Atrition sometimes still out of bounds. (probably due to different version?)

Besides an old bug: After you switch to other squad or just join a match and not being an NCO, you always can't see the NCO ability icon. This is pretty annoying because you don't know when your NCO has arty or etc.
Or even 1/2 icon.
If you need the logfile (for 2nd bug), here it is...output_log.txt
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see above
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UI Spawning

game menu still disappear in Vaquios map in 11161[openbeta]


not only, it hasnt been fixed for the current version too

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Does the menu still disappear in the latest update for Opentesting? Also, have you run into issues with spawning out of bounds since 11161 was released? (Or on the latest version of Opentesting?)

Regarding the icons though, the Devs know of the "slight issue when you start a new match with the icon display." That is probably the issue, but it is likely being held off until the UI is closer to be released for testing.