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It is clear that game dyin, all you need to do is look playercount ))

As can be see is very bad decline since tannenburg merge update.

I will now attempt list some of suggestion in order to stop sudden decrease 

1. Is clear that merge update do bad things for game. Just remove all affects of this update from game. Nobody use the in game switch anyway.

2. Remove MG - they are much broken in game and not of the much usefulness 

3. Fix flander 40% is clear that bug still persist and no good. People need to load above 40% in order to play map

4. nerf mp18. It is clear germani bias, gun was good but not so good, like you really think 9mm can do that kind of kill? Is absolutely ridiculous.

5. Fix prone. Why prone soldier in ground?

6. Fire sound team. Sound team made abysmal job of sound update ((FMOD)) They should be fire. You do job poorly you got fired, this is just how world work yes? 

7. Stop working tannenburg. You see playercount? I see players and it is laughable number, nobody want to buy tannenburg so just stop. Maybe you make money, maybe you don't, future is clear though, no money to be made from tannenburg anyway. 

8. Stop 128 nonsense. Nobody care. 

9. Get new moderator, you go around, you have look and say 'where moderator?' I don't know where. Barely seen around. When you see them they do not contribute of value anywhere. It is of the most clear that a new and real moderation team should be recruited. 

10. Fix the hit registration netcode. If I shoot enemy I need to get kill? Why do I shoot enemy and no kill? How is this makin sense to you guys?

11. No bots. You see tanneburg? Look at how that game do, and it had bots, you think Verdun need bots?

These are my suggest pls consider

Sorry for bad english

~ Hype boi )))

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"Multiple issues on the same ticket, wont fix"

To suggestion no 2,5 are you kidding me? MG is a very important role in this game, only the 3p view and mg placement is a bit buggy. Prone is a good way to hide and it's far better than your jumpshoot.

To no 3, I never meet this problem, if you meet it, just post with your output log.

To no 6, the only "problems" for experienced players is the gun sound, you cant tell them from each other clearly. But fmod make the whole game sounds more real.

To no7. Friends of mine play TNB very often, if you don't want it, just uninstall it.

To no8. agree, but some new players very like the messy battle ground.

To no10. Do you ever enable shoot debug? All of my shoot debugs works very very well, it tells how my shots refused by server. All other games I played don't have this function.

To no11. Do you ever care about the players who have very bad connection with populated server?

Mgs are bad and buggy, prone is annoying and broken and prone people are easy to hit, the flanders bug has been here for months with no fix, the new sounds are garbage and don't sound real at all, tannenberg is a failure, if you think the hitreg is fine you don't have good aim, bots would be annoying and are part of the reason tannenberg is a failure.

MG's are essentially irrelevant. Given that you are required to setup and play from a static position while deployed it makes them incredibly easy targets. Movement is your friend in this game and players who prone or do not move are easy targets that are quickly dealt with by skilled players. Jumpshooting isn't even mentioned in this post, but once again tactics which involve movement are vastly superior to static styles of play (machine guns and proning). Proning ultimately has only limited use and is not particularly important, there's a reason you see skilled players seldom use it.

The Flanders 40% issue has been in the game for months, people posted outlogs and several reports but the devs have still not yet completely fixed it. 

FMOD does not make the game sound "more real", contrary to what some people might believe, firearms do not sound the same, sure they all make a "boom" noise but the difference between different firearms shooting different calibers is quite noticeable. Otherwise the rest of the sounds aren't really an improvement, much like the upcoming UI it's just different.

Overall the Tannenberg playerbase is abysmally low. This is shown clearly by steamcharts  https://steamcharts.com/app/633460 The average for the last 30 days is 37. That is slightly more than half a full sever, and this is only declining. As was posted above Tannenberg at this point is pretty much a failure. It decline rapidly after release, hasn't been able to grow with any of the sales, and the Romanian update was only able to provide a slight boost after which it rapidly declined again. You can chalk it up to "EA" or whatever other factor, but truthfully it's just an unoriginal game that is just as buggy and broken as Verdun that has no selling factor or appeal to it besides it's relatively obscure setting. 


Shootdebug did a great job of showing that the game has severe issues when it comes to hit reg. It's been documented countless times that it's a significant issue in Verdun. 

I'm willing to the bet the number of players who face this kind of an issue are very low. Developing bots and investing who knows how much time and resources into their development for a very small/niche group of players does not make any sense. As OP stated, the bots did not help Tannenberg, in all likelihood they made the game worse and contributed to it's lack of success.