Community Input Needed

Please make Jump shooting inaccurate, as in Tannenberg.

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I think, that Verdun should be more realistic, than CoD. It is not funny, when a guy jumps out of corner, and you can't ever shoot him, because hic can aim accurately and jump. it would be better if, the accuracy during the jump was bad.

Game Version:
after 25.07.18
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I think, that Verdun should​ be more realistic, than CoD. It is not funny, when a guy jumps out of corner, and you can't ever shoot him, because hic can aim accurately and jump. it would be better if, the accuracy during the jump was bad.
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maybe if you weren't camping a corner, the other dude wouldn't need to jumpshoot... And by jumping he makes himself an easier target, he is bigger and easier to spot than when he would just peek you, so you can just as easily shoot back (maybe even easier now that he is a bigger target).


Your first mistake was thinking verdun was realistic 

Community Input Needed

Contested issue in the community. 


When did you take that? 

This is what I currently see 

But yeah, I'm not sure if community input is really 'needed' or the devs are actually interested in bringing up this whole jumpshooting discussion again, but it's a mechanic that's been in the game forever. Removing it or changing it isn't going to do anything but drive away a significant portion of what remains of a dwindling playerbase. The playercount average will be in the double digits by the end of this month (unless something significant happens). The sole focus should be on getting the new content out and fixing bugs. That's the best hope of getting players back into the game. Dabbling in particularly polarizing issues in the community at a time like this seems rather silly. 

And I don't think I need to go into detail about the performance of Tannenberg which ditched the unrealistic mechanics in favour of more "realism"

haha ironstorm upvoted thi

Yes, I did because I think that Hold Breath should not be allowed while mid-air.

It's a decent compromise between not allowing ADS at all (like Tannenberg) and having precision shooting while mid-air and ADS'ing.

You clearly never jumpshooted,

I used to jumpshoot that way, it actually turns it into lottery 

Why are the people who have no clue about it try to get solutions to nerf it

meanwhile we have 2 hours jimmy who is bugged behind a hill with his MG where nobody can shoot back at him but jumpshooting wich makes you a big target where everyone sees you is a problem

The Devs are working on the MG deployment bug.

However, have you tried jump shooting without Hold Breath since the merger and the change for ADS'ing to be less random between where shots land and where the sights are aimed at..?

"Always full accuracy through ironsights. With some weapons, especially pistols, accuracy wasn't always 100% when sighting. On longer distances this resulted in quite some deviation."

Sounds like a horrible compromise.


Bigg issue need removal people so sad no jump noo hate please


It's really sad that the community of this game is dominated by jump n run arcade players.

There is no shame in moving on to Tannenberg (without jumpshots). It would be nice to see more players there. 


I was told there is a Player around who has 75 accounts to up- or downvote Things. Or this Player just Insults and provoces as Long until a thread he does not like is blocked.

But anyway. Between 90 and 100 Players around in Frontlines. One year ago, approx. 250 online.


If so, why are there no 75 down- or upvotes??

Because Lilifee is puttin in every Verdun thread that he "heard"  something , and some "rumors" and that moderators have "secrets", and devs protect some "people".

Not sayin that this "lilifee" is just the second account of martinusmagnus that has been banned forever from the Verdun forum for breakin the Community rules, and this isnt just a "rumor" ;D

The only fact is that lilifee has been caught while watchin gay porn on a vid he posted on the forum and created the best meme of 2018.

For the rest, in the priority list to ruin what's left of the game, removin jumpshootin is on top.

Not sure what all of that has to do with the topic at hand, but Martinus wasn't permanently banned from the Steam forums. Let's not stray off topic, please.

However, the influx of fake accounts has been dealt with for the most part. Any other fake accounts found will be blocked.

You could always go to Tannenberg. I heard it was a massive success because it catered to people like you.