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opentesting suggestion

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opentesting is dead because nobody uses it, because u have to download verdun when u change to it, u connect, u are alone, u quit, u redownload it again to back to normal

i think opentesting is a good things for a game not played by devs and without a tester team, i suggest to find a solution to use both opentesting and normalgame without download etc, something like ingame switching between verdun and tannenberg

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It depends upon the build setup if you're going to be able to play with other people who are not using Opentesting, or not. (i.e. Network version changes -  The 290 in v290.10653)

The last two, IIRC, testing builds were setup so you wouldn't be playing with just other testers.

Also, worth noting that the current default branch and the opentesting beta are using the same builds.

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and what about making a second verdun like the closetesting of 2(?) years ago?

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Thanks for the suggestion. As pointed out we often have network changes that block this. We will look into making it so that for non-network changes we can implement the multiple installs. Further complication is the unified 1914-1918 folder.