Spawnkilling is not fixed

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When we said spawnkilling we also meant when you run out of the hole you spawned in

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"we also meant when you run out of the hole you spawned in"

No we didn't. Speak for yourself.

You've spawned and wasn't killed in the hole. Why should you be protected while you're preparing to or are already attacking your opponents? A bit unfair, isn't it? The only justified reason for a spawn protection like this is if you don't get to shoot while being protected.

Yeah I'll just camp in the hole I spawned in so I can't get spawnkilled, there are some spawns where no matter wich direction you run out you still die, argonne, or aisne second german trench


Do you actually think I'm that stupid ?


Think this is more of a tactical decision to run over the top as opposed to using different routes or tactics. It's not typically something we can enforce through protection and "safe spaces". One could argue for more cover in general, but we'll need specific locations of the most offending locations.

Play your own game and open your eyes that would be a big step

He means wonderful spawns like every single German spawn at Argonne as well as perhaps the Entente spawn where they're in the large crater as that one can be easily fired on, the back left German spawn and the middle and far right Entente spawn at Vosges, still the majority of the spawns at Aisne, most German spawns at Picardie are pretty campable as well as every Entente spawn from their 3rd trench should Germany take their 2nd (side note: Germans spawn closer to the 2nd Entente trench than the 3rd when they're defending the 3rd Entente trench), every German spawn at Douaumont up to Entente's 2nd trench, basically all of Flanders, most Entente spawns at Artois, and just about every tunnel into the trench at Champagne.

Most spawns in the game that are just craters.


How to solve spawnkilling : 


I see no reason why you should be protected once you stuff your head out of your hole. I totally disagree with this topic.

However, I agree we should be able to choose our spawns, like in tannenberg. I already made a separate topic for that. If you feel it should be supported, please go there and support the idea.


Current status: waiting for community input.


The map modifications do nothing