often chat doesn't disappear

[5x] BOT745763 5 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by whatamidoing 4 months ago 5

ingame chat messages sometimes don't disappear and stay shown all time, often are message i write, sometimes from others

to clean it i have to press "page up" 2 times

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
write something and wait, do it again until it happened
Output Log:

Longer messages disappear a lot faster than shorter ones. Shorter ones may stay for a long time if nothing is posted, but will disappear as usual when someone posts.


Yet more proof that the devs playtest nothing. This has been in game for months

2 fixes: 

- page up / page down

- /textchat off

The second one is the easiest. Never have to worry about retarded allies anymore

Chat is a lot of the fun of the game though


Experienced this. While we intent to fix this, it will most likely be included with the new UI.