Stripper clip not used for the five last rounds

Munnharpe 5 months ago • updated 1 month ago 5

This is really just a fraction of a problem and only noticeable when playing squad defence, since using up all the ammo with a rifle or carbine is very unlikely in frontlines, but I noticed that when the very last five rounds are to be loaded into the gun, they are loaded one by one instead of with the stripper clip. I was using the SMLE when I noticed this. Having ten rounds left, the first five of the ten loads normally with the stripper clip, but the last five does not. I don't know if this occurs with other weapons.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Fire 90 rounds with your SMLE and observe as you load the remaining ten.

Interesting edge case! Thanks for finding this. We can reproduce this and will be fixed at some point.

Thanks that's great, those five last rounds might just save the day in some cases of squad defence.

happened twice or so, always thought this was intentional, like some kind of obscure easter egg lol.

I thought it was intentional as a way to notify you that you're out of ammo in case you're not paying much attention to the counter.

I was playing squad defence a few days ago using a different weapon, and the problem seems to persist.