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Match "Starting Match" Timer never started until I became the MC:

LV|Ironstorm767 5 months ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 1

I had joined a match on Douaumont (since I can't spectate in 3p inside of the Barracks) and then after that match ended. I noticed the MC-Switch Icon in the AAR just as the next map was about to load. It was Flanders and went through the loading screen just fine and all, but then noticed that the initial countdown timer wasn't starting / nobody was spawning.

Resulted in the match emptying out but then until the MC had left: I became the MC and the match decided to start.

I sent two /reportbugs; one about the match starting timer not doing its thing after the last match had a MC switch, and the other "followup" saying that once the MC had left (Nothing Good) and I became the MC, the match started.

P.S. Nothing Good had a ping of 119 or so and I had a ping of 30 something, but not entirely sure what the other MC had before Nothing Good's turn. Somewhat related to this report at least:  https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2559-best-host-determination-algorithm-broken

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Have a match end with a MC switch and then have the next match not start until the MC switches again?
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