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I think that we have exceeded the tolerance limit. Another time, the same player was doing the same thing as before: griefing. What's griefing? According to "Urban dictionary" it's Purposefully shooting or otherwise sabotaging your teammates in an online game. Lillifee again matched those requirement.

Now the question is: Shall we take some countermeasures against such "griefers" in Verdun?

I link here some cool proofs:

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Game Version:
Since ever
Reproduction steps:
better not to reproduce those actions
Output Log:

Just say they're a competitive player. Instantly banned

Going to need a profile, and preferably shown while recording such behavior to reduce the possibility of a setup / smurfing. (i.e. Player A records and Player B has their name setup as another)


You act like you're going to do something about it


ofc, the guy who recorded the videos changed the name before doing that. The steam profile of the griefer is this one. I'm pretty sure noone wants to waste 30 mins of their time proning in a corner, doing exactly nothing as both video show! Surely not a competitive player's behaviour.

Community Input Needed

Is this player still performing these actions?

usually yes! I sadly don't have other footage

as long as there is no clear answer from the devs, players will keep doing this. 

lilife was person with aids yes, go ban! we dont want this aids virus to spread!

Yes, get him out of here, he does nothing but complain in the chat


All the more reason to let players pick their spawn point