Changing the way call ins are rewarded + small solution to selfish call ins

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Right now in the game we have certain players who will pick NCO, go sit in a shellblast and just peek to keep sending their NCO abilities, they do nothing at all, are annoying to have in your squad, and annoying to fight because they rely solely on something that you can't really do against. 

They keep on sitting and making you spawn on terrible spots, while you wish you could spawn somewhere else to keep on playing. 

So my idea would be a change, instead of getting it every 45 seconds, it would be a reward (higher level squads will naturally have to do more stuff to unlock it)

For example (just ideas) : 

-Staying in the enemy trench for 30 seconds

-Making allies spawn in the trench (defensive and offensive) 

-killing enemies with your rifle ( would be too easy if the call in kills counted)

(making allies spawn in no mans land would still encourage camping shellholes, while enemy trench forces the NCO to move up or to choose to keep making his allies spawn in no mans land it but wouldn't get any call ins)

- Squadmates making points

- Squadmates spawning each other (Recon comes to mind)


Naturally this would still keep the same cooldown so that very good players will not suddently get call ins every 10 second

This would be beneificial for all, stopping the mortar spam camp strategy, making NCOs move up and reduce the mortar spam.

A last idea I wish I could also introduce is making a squad kill counter and individual kill kill counter, while the individual kill counter is how many people you kill with your rifle or grenades (like we have the K/D on the scoreboard), the squad kill counter would be all individual kills of the squad + the call in kills, would be a small patch up for NCOs who send their call ins for personal kills, instead of how it was intended and helping out the squad. 

all in all, my main idea would be to reward NCOs moving and not being passive, naturally it would be better if each squad had different requirements to have their call ins, and also do not change it to the way tanneberg does call ins.

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Squad kill counter wouldn't solve the problem (squads are way too small), but whole team XP / kills/ death counter would help. This post already tackles the issue, you might wanna check it out :) https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2164-score-menu-total-xp-and-kill-death-for-whole-team-whole-team-rewards

It would change for the people who like having their huge K/Ds while all they did was camping in nml and spamming their level 50 arty. 

It would just show how many kills they did by actually shooting people. 

Gotta be more toxic than that