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Random lag

Angry Alpaca 5 months ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 4 months ago 7

Sometimes when playing for no reason at all I'll just have the game freeze for 1 or 2 seconds and its very annoying.

Game Version:
newest one
Reproduction steps:
Play your game on a GTX 1070, and have it even then lag randomly 
Output Log:
Crashes/Freezes Network Lag Performance Lag

Yeah, it happens, and from what I see when I ask about it at least a few other people are affected at the same time when it happens

bump fix this bs I'm sick of it

We all are, but it's been happening for years

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Game Lag: This means all characters freeze momentarily (this can happen with network conditions, for which we are nearing deployment). Or is this a case of game stutter?


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In the upcoming build we re-enabled spawning optimization. We hope this will make a dent in the issues you are experiencing.