Best host determination algorithm broken

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The algorithm that determines the host for the match seems to be broken. I discovered it recently when high ping players joined and the game (especially hit registration) became very laggy.

I suppose the player with the darker ping is the host. In the following screenshots you can see that the game chose a very bad host.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Join a public frontline match and observe, who becomes host
Network Lag

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I've had the same iddue a couple of times too. a player with 250+ ping joins, becomes host and then everybody becomes laggy,and starts teleporting...


I really doubt the devs know how to fix this

Post isn't toxic enough. Ignored

Gone ahead and merged the two recent reports with this report. Thanks for the reports, but if everybody could share their game log files when you notice that the host / master client is someone with a high ping, that'd be helpful.

Where to find game log files

The output_log.txt can be found here, but there is also a shortcut to it in the game's Local Files / inside of the WW1GameSeries Folder, "LocalLow LogFile Shortcut":

C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series

Or use Windows' RUN / Copy+Paste into the File Explorer Address Bar: %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series

The player.log can be found here:


The player.log can be found here:

~/.config/unity3d/WW1 Game Series/WW1 Game Series/Player.log

You can use a file sharing service (Google Drive/Drop Box/etc.) or https://pastebin.com/
If the game log file can fit. Max size a Paste can be is: 512 KB (0.5 MB)

Note: Everytime you launch Verdun (or Tannenberg) your game log file is overwritten. So best to make a copy of it, if you experience a bad bug or crash.


(i never had that ping in eu servers)

maps before this:


We've made a possible fix and are confirming this so that it can be in the next update (10827+)