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Penetration damage

Beef Squisher 3 months ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 2 months ago 8

Penetration damage, particularly through wood, is too low. It's a combination of unrealistic and frustrating - I'm surprised there wasn't a thread about it already.

This video shows an example of a hitmarker from a rifle to the chest from extremely close range, due to 2 inches of wood:

Sorry for dodgy quality, lack of hit feed thing and the voiceover, the video wasn't made for this initially. Note also you can see the weird animation from proning also with the guy at the end of the trench (appearing to be aiming/firing up when actually aiming forward) - but I gather devs are already aware of that.

Game Version:
Regular Verdun
Reproduction steps:
Shoot through thin wood.
Output Log:

Hi, as it seems I can't edit my OP - I've deleted the original video, here is a better video with 2 examples and such:

And here is an artist's interpretation of the problem:

Penetration damage was a great addition in theory, except it's pointless given you can't reliably use it to kill people even just metres ahead of you.


bullet pen was the only thing from the merger that i thought was an improvement, but it's completely useless. You can shoot through wooden planks and trees, thats it; can't even shoot through sheet metal. It's hopeless. I doubt the devs are going to get their head out of their ass and fix all the frustrating issues we have.


Maybe it wouldn't be ignored if I spammed the link to this out to everyone on the x64/x128 group and every discord I'm on, amirite?


So that they can vote on it with totally not fake accounts, then get mad at comp players for voting on it with totally not fake accounts

pistol rounds though are too weak to penetrate wood. this is only an issue when it comes to large caliber guns.

+1.....Sorry I mean 'I agree'

Anyway there is no point in having penetration if it next to useless.