Extended Melee Tradekills

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The change to increase the frequency of tradekills with melee in the recent update has made it very rare for two people with a bayonet to fight head-to-head without both ending up dead, and it didn't actually serve to fix melee so much as ease frustration from being killed by someone faster, as now it doesn't matter who's faster. I'd propose you reverse this change, or at least tone it down.

Game Version:
Regular Verdun
Reproduction steps:
Run up to someone with a bayonet, stab them faster than they stab you, die with them.
Output Log:
Gameplay Weapons

It used to be 25ms but gave issues like this:

Stabbing is more prone to tradekilling realistically so that is why we increased it to 150ms. It is obviously not the intent to always have tradekilling in head-to-head situations. We have toned it down to 75ms. This is a server setting and is already deployed and requires no update/patch. It might however take some time before all players use this setting today. Let us know if it still happens too often in your opinion after a few days. 

Seems good from what I've seen so far, thanks for the quick response :thumbsup:

This seems fair enough. In my last game I had about 5 bayonet kills and each time I died from the person, though mostly from shots. But that's fine, if you shoot a guy who is just stabbing you with a bayonet, it will NOT stop him from stabbing you (most of the time), it will just stop him from enjoying his victory. To "fix" bayonet tradekills, some kind of "block" mechanism would have to be implemented (I guess IRL most people try to block incoming spear/bayonet thrusts instead of going for a "we'll both die" stab), but I don't really think it's worth the time. It would be a great feature, but too far on the priorities list.

If you want to have fair melee fights, go play Chivalry :D

Thumbs up to devs for making these changes.