stop ignoring bugs

elok 3 months ago • updated 2 months ago 4

Me and others have made so many bug reports that have gone completely ignored. It's bugs like these that are pushing new players away and killing the game. If you're just going to ignore these things just say you won't fix them.

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We are not ignoring bugs as you can see in the recent activity. We do however have a backlog and are catching up. So considering this already implemented ;)


Personally I would rather wait longer for bug fixes (currently it's very very very fast) and have them actually tested thoroughly before going live. What bothers me is not that the game has flaws so much as it is labeling them as fixed.

I mean we like the game, we play it despite it's bugs, so do us a favor, postpone the next update as much as you really need to. If it takes 6 months, take 6 months. Give yourself the time you really need to fix what needs to be fixed. But don't mark it as implemented or fixed when it's not.

Some bugs / things still not fixed : Black & white screen, spawns not happening on NCO even when he is 100% safe, grenades dropping mid air when you get killed (not 100% sure but I think it hasn't changed), audio direction just as bad as ever, kill trade time too short causing gun shot sound to start and cut abruptly when you get killed, a bug where bolting stops working, you can't shoot anymore and you have to change to another weapon to have it work again, etc.

And while I'm at it, this game needs some kind of autobalance based on XP, it's not rare to be outnumbered 2 to 1 or have 3 squads level 100 (full of lvl 100 players) on one side and almost everyone under lvl 20 on the other.


It's hopeless man. They're too incompetent to actually fix anything. I mean they don't even playtest the updates they push out


If this has been "implemented" why is melee still broken, why are there still invisible mg's, and why am i still able to clear out lobbies by spawn killing everyone?