Sentry squad artillery cooldown time

Munnharpe 3 weeks ago • updated by untitledfolder89 12 hours ago 5

I think the cooldown time for sentry squad (Schützen, Belgians) artillery should be shorter. Now, this type of artillery is both less effective AND less frequent, which makes little sense to me. You'd think since it's only one shot, that it'd have a shorter cooldown than that of the rifle squad types' artillery barrages, instead it is longer. This goes for all three artillery tiers, in my opinion.

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Very true. Also I play with schützen / belgians a lot and I've noticed the squad level one arty is way more effective than the higher level ones because the cooldown gets so long it's not worth it.


I suggest the same cooldown times as the landser squad, but with larger explosion radius (larger than current) to make up for the fact that it hits only once. That would be very cool, especially with things like the "railway gun" -- I mean you expect a bigger bang from such a gun after all!

This will just lead to more officers spaming arty from no mans land and being completely useless for the team


You're wrong, this will lead to more squad diversity from people who want to spam arty.

As of right now lots of games you have 3-4 landser squads on the german side when the map is suitable for artillery.

This just means you could have half and half landser / schützen instead, which is just less boring at the end of the day lol

It's the same principle as to why suddenly on champagne lots of squads turn to stosstrupp for the mp18...

If you were to make the mp18 available for another squad, that weapon would be used just as much (no more, no less) but with 2 different squads instead.

Furthermore, the only logical way to diminish the number of mp18s would be to have more squad roles in total but less having mp18 in their loadout (for instance squads of 5 or 6 players).

Same goes for arty, if you had squads of 5-6 but just 1 NCO each that means less NCOs in the game (so less arty calls).

Also think about how there's US squad, tommies and poilus on Entente side that all have the same arty type, and just landser on german side. You know damn well there's just as much arty coming from the Central side on any game vs Entente, so no, the number of squads with arty does not equal the number of arty spams.

So bottom line fix sentry cooldown time already, there is no drawback to this. It will just add more options to the game.