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Reload bug that disables your character from doing anything

Pie-jacker875 4 months ago in All Platforms • updated by Yos 4 months ago 20 5 duplicates

This is another bug that I've been sitting on for a while because I have been too lazy to record until recently, and also because I have not been able to pin down what is happening. I still don't know why this happens, or how to reproduce it, but I've managed to record it happening. It does not happen frequently, but it is very obstructive to gameplay.


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I'm not sure what is happening here. All I have is video.
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You don't have Toggle Aim Down Sights disabled, by chance? (Where you have to hold the RMB down to aim down the sights) The control for aiming down the sights hasn't somehow been changed to something other than Mouse 1 / RMB under Controls?

If not, perhaps it might be better to report this in-game when it happens again. E.g. Typing into the chat:  "/reportbug I can't aim down sights with right clicking"

Then report back here when you use the /reportbug command, please.

You can get logs if you play yout own game btw

Hi Elok, can you please provide a better description on how to reproduce this? Otherwise we cant fix the issue.

Thanks a lot for cooperating!

If you play your game for a couple of hours its bound to happen. Try different combinations of jumping, strafing, strafe jumping while adsing. It happened on aisne, first central powers trench, mid right if that helps

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Any specific settings toggled on?
Toggle ADS?
Manual Bolting?
Manual Reloading?

Any specific weapon?
Any extra info helps!

toggle ads, manual bolting, auto reload. Kar98

Is that's enough?

Happened with the mle too, and guns not firing is still a problem


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No further information provided by user. Please resubmit if there is still an issue.


Update: We've now been able to consistently reproduce this bug and we'll work on a fix.

Fixed in upcoming version

Fixed in upcoming version: "Fixed a case where you could get stuck in ADS". Will be on opentesting shortly.

Fix Live

This is now live on current default version: V289.10485. If you still have issues please let us know! Thanks for reporting.

As stated on the other thread, I've been getting this after the recent update.

I jut had this in a romuian match with bots (private). looking to take a trench and stood up. and couldn't;t aim down sights for a few mins. until I was shot. The aim came back.

weapon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1424420534

(12:56:32 AM) Zab: Haven't gotten that one
(12:58:03 AM) piejacker875: do you use manual bolting?
(12:58:06 AM) Zab: no
(12:58:15 AM) piejacker875: great, narrowed that down

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Thanks for the clear report! Can imagine that is annoying when it happens. Will have a look.

Happened to me twice last night, however I do not use manual bolting.

this one's ignored too?


I had this several times today, also in Romania. This has happened also long before on other maps. It appears to be very sporadically and getting killed and respawn resolves the matter. Even though it happened three times in a row in Romania, with working sights in between. 

LOG: https://8n1.org/13398/1987