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Grey Screen after Respawning:

LV|Ironstorm767 6 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 months ago 20 2 duplicates

I've noticed this a couple times so far after respawning, where the screen will be greyed out for around 10-20 seconds. Depending on if you move or not after respawning, it seems like it'll go faster or slower but I haven't noticed it go away instantly when it does come up.

I did send a /reportbug about this:  "/reportbug After respawning, my screen is grey while being alive" or something like that.
Game Version:
10120 + Opentesting
Reproduction steps:
Haven't found a pattern yet, other than respawn and notice that the screen is greyed out.
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Thanks for sharing the extra info Ecks Dee.

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It when you spectate someone that dies, and only way to make it disapear is to aim

Thanks for the report we will have a look and try to put this in the opentesting version aswell.

Fixed in upcoming version

We have found the issue and it will be resolved in the upcoming version. Thanks for the report!

Fix Live

This is now live on current default version: V289.10485.

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You were spectating someone who died just before you respawned?

Once yes, the other i spawned in that way even without spectating a player who died

This one's going to be ignored as well?

Needs More Reports

Are you sure you were on the latest version? In the changelog we stated "Fixed a case where you would spawn with a gray screen"

It could be that there is another rare case of course. Is there anyone else who has experience this aswell?


"Rare case" it happens every other game, sometimes twice a game. Not really all that rare

It happened to me yesterday during an Event.

Still not fixed, happend 3 times in one game

Just for the record: happened to me yesterday and the day before. A total of 4 times.

Thanks, we're looking at it again.

Had this happen the second I was respawning and the player I was spectating got shot last night.

Fixed in upcoming version

Fixed in development, will be in next update.

Fix Live

This went live with update 11145