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There should be a better way to report suspected cheater. 

My suggestion is to add a reporting tool or way to flag suspicious cheaters while in game. Best would probably be if the tool automatically opened a ticket/topic here with it's own category. I also suggest adding ticket numbers to all topics here. That way when I click to report a player in game I could get a ticket number back so it would be easier for me to find the report when I exit the game and want to add additional info to the ticket, like a video. 

When I click to report a player there should be a few categories like; aimbot, wallhack ect. 

All tickets should get an automated header, my suggestion:

Reported player: (Player ingame name)

So if somebody reported me the header would be: Reported player: {Pirates}KoRv

When sombody clicks report the following info should be displayed in the description of the ticket:

- Ingame ID

- Former ingame ID (if these are logged?)

- Cheat category

- steamID 

- steamID64 

- customURL 

- match id

- time

- map

(This is all useful info I can think of atm)

I think it would be best if all reports where hidden, and would only be shown if;

1. The player who made the the report has his steam account linked to this site

2. You make a search with the ticker number (case sensitive).

I wish for a proper way to report players as the current process is ineffective and slow. 

I would also request that if a player is reported on the steam forum the thread should be deleted or locked asap. Because if you are following the steam community guidelines you shouldn't choose which guidelines are enforced and which aren't. I have several times seen that comments like "+1" getting deleted from threads but cheater report threads like this https://steamcommunity.com/app/242860/discussions/2/1694920442961846186/ don't even get locked. Either enforce the guidelines or don't do it. Don't do it selectively. This is feedback for all mods/devs.

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Method to report is to record suspected hackers and post the video evidence on the forum for review. Due to the number of false reports an ingame system would just be flooded with reports of good players and trolling.


Agreed. Even though I might not use it, it's nice to have.

Why do you want to report someone because he's writting stuff in the chat?

And anyways, these are jokes and getting offended by jokes is laughable.

Even if it would be their opinion, there's something called ~Free Speech~


Well, starting off, "freedom of speech" and everything relating to the First Amendment of the American Constitution (The Verdun/Tannenberg developers aren't even American, but let's set that aside for a moment.) only apply to the government. i.e., that the government can't suppress freedom of speech, etc. The First Amendment and the principals of freedom of speech do not apply to private spaces, however, like my living room, your living room, or Verdun/Tannenberg servers. So, if the Verdun/Tannenberg devs did want to mute or ban people for using racist slurs, they would be well within their rights to do so, even if they were based in America - which, again, they are not; they're Dutch, in fact.

Second of all, the excuse of "These are jokes..." - or, in less eloquent terms, "It's just a prank, bro!" - is quite over-done and banal. It's not even actually a matter of offense. It's a matter of, well, let me present a quote that delivers it much more eloquently than I ever could:

"Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company."

Now, I don't know about you, but I would rather not have the Verdun/Tannenberg servers flooded by literal, actual Neo-Nazis who relentlessly and ceaselessly go on about how we need to secure the existence of our race and a future for white children.

Not to mention, plenty of literal, actual Neo-Nazis attempt to use "It was just a joke!", "Why are you getting so offended?" or stuff like "#triggered! Dumb SJW. It was just a prank!" when they're called out on their blatant racism and bigotry.

I didn't say that they are not allowed to ban these people. Of course they can do that! I just wanted to tell, that it's stupid to ban people for their opinion and how they "promote" them, and thats my opinion. 

And the second point: Yeah, that is probably true. But i think most people buy this game to play the game and not because they feel in good company.

And no, i don't want Verdun/Tannenberg flooded by real Nazis but it's in my opinion stupid to ban people because they have a other political believe.

And if real Nazis use "Just a joke" after "spreading" theyr opinion...then they are idiots, because no one would take them seriously. EDIT: And if "probaganda" isn't beeing taken seriously, then it's a bad "probaganda".

I don't want to ban people because of their political beliefs. I want to ban people for bringing their political beliefs into an entertainment-centered, non-political space, and continually and repeatedly shouting their bigoted opinions from the top of their lungs into text and voice chat. If a Neo-Nazi wants to go espouse their hatred and racism on their own private forums, and then come and have a good time on Verdun/Tannenberg without talking about those things, that's fine, whatever, they can do that. My concern is when the gameplay and the game community find themselves disrupted by so-called "trolling" and incessant political nonsense in the game space.

I can agree with that, but like Bishop said, a report button probably wont change much.

As said on the forums if you have a problem with anything people say in game you can mute them yourself. A report button wont stop this but will make the game cost more.

The danger of abusing a report button would be to high in my opinion. Imagine you dislike the things someone says in the chat and you write that to the chat. The "bad guy" could mobilize some friends who all report you...

And yet, report buttons work plenty fine in other games, and report button abuse is quickly dealt with.

I've seen it take a lot of time and not work a lot of the time as well. Also seen the budget most of these companies have.

Are you telling me that no small-budget company has report buttons in their games?

Except, this is false. Plenty of small-budget companies have report buttons in their games. I'm not going to presume that Verdun/Tannenberg developers have the budget necessary, but other games of similar developer size do, in fact, have report buttons.

And, quite frankly, yes, it does take a lot of time, and yes, it doesn't work a lot of the time, but that doesn't mean that it shouldn't be implemented anyways. Unless, of course, you want to advocate that we should just allow actual, literal Neo-Nazis to openly and freely flaunt their disgusting and bigoted opinions about how Hitler did nothing wrong, about how all the Jews should be gassed, about how all Muslims should be killed, etc. etc., without any repercussions what-so-ever, just because dealing with reports regarding this might "take a lot of time" or might "not work a lot of the time".


For this particular case there is already a mute function that works very well. You will never ever here from that person again ingame. It works immediately and without any voting. You are free to use it.

Ignoring the actual, literal Neo-Nazis doesn't make them or their bigoted, hateful ideology go away, nor does it make the poison and toxin they continue to dump into the community go away, just as ignoring the fire burning down your house doesn't keep your house from burning down.


I read somewhere that ignorance might be more powerful than hate. Just don't pay them neonazis any attention and they will stop posting shit into the chat.

Do you really think those children in Verdun want to spread an ideology? They are only seeking your attention. Do not answer them, do not get triggered by them and they become bored very soon. Just mute them and have fun playing.

See, that's the thing. If you don't pay the actual, literal Neo-Nazis any attention, this makes them think that their bigoted, hateful ideology is tolerated, accepted, or even welcomed in that space, which only encourages them further, and encourages other actual, literal Neo-Nazis to enter that space, since they think that they're in good company.

And yes, I do think that they want to spread an ideology. It's completely ridiculous to want to lecture strangers online about the merits of far-right anti-Semitism, but they have admitted that this is their goal, to "enlighten" us to the Fascism.

EDIT: It's hard to have fun playing when you have to mute half your team mates and thus can't coordinate with them for teamwork.

nor will banning them stop their ideology. And it wont help the game if the devs have to spend more and more time watching the game to ban people rather than developing the game.

If all they are doing is spouting hate then they aren't likely to follow your instructions.  Second would be much harder to coordinate with half your team if they are empty slots as you want them banned.

Many don't, even big companies rarely bother with them.

Again there already is a fix that costs the devs 0 resources and means 0 downsides to the game, the mute button.

And no, it's not the games area and why online experience is not rated legally because the Devs don't have control over other peoples actions in it. You dislike what they are saying mute them.

Are you kidding me? "Even big companies rarely bother with" report buttons?

Blizzard. Activision. Infinity Ward. EA. Riot Games. Hi-Rez. PUBG. Daybreak. Overkill. Ubisoft. Rockstar.

Virtually every multiplayer game where-in you directly interact with other players through either text or voice chat has a report button. The idea that "even big companies rarely bother with them" is categorically incorrect. You are literally and factually wrong.

this is just going round and round. There's a mute in game if you dislike what people are saying.

I mean, you're not even actually one of the developers, so...

What are War Wolves?
War Wolves are players that know the game very well. They help the developers support the game by answering your questions, clarifying topics and buzzing around news.

The ticket/case number could be the 4-digit number generated for the topic. e.g. If this was a report, the ticket number would be 2478.

If I'm not mistaken anyway, each topic has a unique 4-digit number in the url. Ofc though, a reporter could just search for the reported's name since it'd be in the title.

P.S. I've always thought that people should not be making cheater reports on the Steam forums.

P.P.S. I think it'd be better to first include an in-game bug reporting tool. (Same premise as this one but it'd be mash-up of the /reportbug command as well where a log would be sent alongside.)


Speaking of experience with ticketing tools 4 digits isn't enough, 6 should be the minimum, 8 would be better. You should always build for the possible future needs, not for the bare minimum of today. 

A bug reporting tool and a player reporting tool is basically the same. I mean, of course you could be stupid and make them separate tools. But there is no point in that as both would use the same integrations and probably the same interface. The difference is basically just categorization and UI things in game. The smart thing to do would be to make some hidden categorization so that bug reports and players reports get's separated and sorted here automatically.

i'm not sure about the reportbug. Many of the problems are the same and it will lead to a flood in threats (i think).

This is getting a bit of topic but I guess I'll answer anyway.

While I understand you're concern, there really isn't any problem with this as long as you have the proper infrastructure behind it to support it. 

I'm not familiar in how Userecho works and what features it has, but I would guess it follows ITIL and therefore has similar features to other ITSM tools. If so, as long as you have a proper way to categorize tickers (or topics as they are called here) and everything as automated as much as possible it will actually just be a good thing that users (we) "flood" the system with reports as the devs would be able to create trend reports and therefore get a better understanding how they should prioritize fixing all reported issues.

All ITSM tools I know of has a way to link tickets together, creating a so called master ticket. When you close that master, all tickets linked to it will close as well. So it's not really a big issue if the same issue get's reported several times, you just link the tickets together. 

Currently while writing this Verdun has an average of 132 players and Tannenberg a average of 76, so roughly 200 players in total. I have previously worked in a Service Desk, there we had a customer with 40 000 endusers, the upper end of the average amount of contacts (calls, emails ect.) we revived per day was 400. If you compere those numbers to the Verdun/Tannenberg numbers that is 2 tickets a day. That amount surly shouldn't overload the devs with work. 

Verdun/Tannenberg users: 



You can always make the tool/plugin/feature (or whatever you want to call it) dynamic so that you can easy add or remove features from it with a press of a button. So if my math an estimate are totally off here, you could just disable the report bug feature with a click of a button, if that feature would overflow the devs with reports.

Here's the base info what a automated ticket of a bug report should contain (that I can think of this late):

- Title

- Description

- Output_log

- Category

- Report time

Normally I would say contact info (steam/game ID) as well, but I think that in this scenario it's a bit tricky to say if it's really worth it and if it's really needed. GDPR is one reason why it's a bit tricky, the other one is all possible API issues. In a perfect world the user has made a account here that is linked to his steam account, so when he reports a issue the devs would have the steam ID, game ID, e-mail (and discord if this is possible to get directly from the steam API if it's linked?), so basically several ways to possible get in contact with the user for additional info.

Pepula's comment made me realize a overlook in my original suggestion.

Some players will continuously be reported as cheaters. It would probably be a good idea to be able to "whitelist" players that has been checked so that you continuously don't have to recheck the same players. There should be at least 2 levels of whitelisting let's say half a year and a month (these are just examples), because you probably should recheck players every know and then because you always might have missed something the first time.

Reason of the different levels of whitelisting is that we all know that there's players that can't play a single match without being called a hacker/cheater and there's really no point of rechecking these players every month or so.

If you really want to make something quite cool you make the reporting tool tell the user that the player he is trying to report has been checked and cleared if there wasn't any evidence suggesting the player was cheating in a previous report. You should be able to report a player even if tool tells you the player has been cleared as there might be a scenario where the user can provide additional info proving that the player is now cheating, like a video. 

Adding what I wrote in discord here aswell


Definitely something we want to add. We would like to add a system to report for cheaters, bugs, griefing or toxic behavior. Thanks for your report!