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elok 3 months ago • updated 3 months ago 6

add stuff that keeps people coming back to the game. People are sick of the same maps over and over again. You might even see an increase in players. Add new weapons, new squads. Put the russians on the western front, i'd really like to use the mosin nagant in verdun. Add anzacs

Game Version:
the best one
Reproduction steps:
Add stuff = more players
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Russians didn't use the Mosin-nagant on the Western front. They were issued French weapons as part of the agreement to send them.

Similar issues as the Russians, squads need to bring something new else there wont be new content for years due to all the unit skins the Devs would have to make.


I don't care what the russians used on the western front, it would be fun to use the russians from tannenberg in verdun. I don't care about the "realism" argument


Well, the game is dying because of lack of content and optimization issues. Should probably do something about that.


Haven't you heard that the entirety of the western front has been covered by 8 maps? 


I predict 2 new smokescreen squads and a map that'll kill lobbies