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Grenades Client/Server Position Desync

Pie-jacker875 5 months ago in All Platforms • updated by WW1GameSeries 6 days ago 5

The server seems to use less precision for position than the client does. This often results in a thrown grenade clearing some terrain (barbed wire, etc) on your client, while on the server, the grenade collides with that terrain and lands next to you.


Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
Join a frontlines match and throw grenades over bits of terrain.
Output Log:
Network Lag Gameplay
Under review

Thanks for the report, looks like a clear report. We will have a look!


Thanks again, that looks like very annoying behavior. 

In the previous update we did adjust some things that could have resolved this. Does this still happen?

Fix Live

Issue has been looked at and possibly fixed. Please report again if it happens.