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Prone doesn't work as intended (it shouldn't do that)

Ecks Dee 1 month ago in All Platforms • updated 4 weeks ago 13 1 duplicate
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Every version
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press prone 
bugged now
(it shouldn't do that)
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Why the fuck would anyone downvote this

Thanks a lot for the ticket!

Discussed this a bit in Discord, if possible please try to describe the issue in a little more detail.

In this case, proning characters tend to stick out the terrain, or go through objects. Where you'd expect characters to bend with the terrain their feet/legs just stick out.

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Thanks for seperating the issues.

It's cool that you separated them on a case-by-case basis, as they're often different issues. Actually quite useful. The aim at sky issue for instance is in the pipeline as our animator is already working on expanding the downwards aiming angles.

I think at some point we enabled more flexible rules when it comes to blocking prone on uneven terrain for ease of use, which in turn introduced a load of these clipping glitches. (That horrible "prone blocked" message popping up every time you want to lay down when being shot at and moving into a crater)

Dug into the ground (and hovering) on the slope (again a separate use case), is also in the pipeline once the new animations have been made. 

In the case of being glued to the sides, the only fix in that case would be a prone-blocked message if you attempt to look perpendicular to the slope you are prone on to prevent that pose on such a slope. Alternatively (the core issue actually) is simply limiting the possible cases in the level design itself, less extreme slope angles that are in the effective gameplay areas or a more boxed approach to level design in general. A trade-off is needed there I guess. Limitations in terms of movement, limitation on level shape or some glitches. In any case the entire prone - deploy system is being reviewed. 


just restric prone more ? Because honestly what I'm seing is now floating horizontal players


Just restrict the possibility of gettin prone.

Prone pistols are cancer. Prone 360° turrets are depressing. Bugged prone mg's invisible or with the weapon inside the ground are boring.


Under review ? 

ffs you can make around 10 screenshots per game of bugged people proning 

you guys do not play your own game at all