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The game is very immersive and I very much enjoy playing it in the Immersive mode (F8), however the problem is that since it is MUCH harder to play in that mode, I put myself in a great disadvantage compared to the rest of the players.

My suggestion is to add an option when creating server to force immersive (hardcore) mode. If there already is such an option, I am not aware of it and in that case let me know and I'll remove this ;).

Since F8 disables everything (even menu), I suggest a server in Immersive mode would have the following for every player:

- completely disabled HUD (mainly minimap, tactical map, ammo, stamina, crosshairs, hit-marker etc...)

- enabled chat, main menu, scoreboard, squad selection - everything you access by escape

- enabled tactical map, but ONLY while in your own trench (so you can know what the situation is, or call sector artillery)

- maybe have bigger XP gains while playing in such server

It would also be nice to have one Immersive server active in the Maneuver map rotation (clearly marked so that people know what they are going into)

What do you think?

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Play with F8 and enjoy the immersion... and die to players who see you on the map :D
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Gameplay Matchmaking/MainMenu

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A hardcore mode would be really nice ^^

There's unchecking the "Always show Tactical View" under Options. (Right hand side, near Game Tips, Crosshairs, etc.)

Just need to hold down the Tactical View key to bring up the HUD. (Default is T)

There's also this suggestion for TB, so if it's possible in Tannenberg. I'd suspect that it could be ported over to Verdun.


I don't think private match admins should be able to dictate how the game looks on my own computer screen.


I don't think private match admins should be able to dictate how the game looks on my own computer screen.

Don't those groups already all play like that by default, meaning there's no actual need for a command that enforces it?

I know I forget to turn off the Tactical View most of the time for such events, but there hasn't been that many hardcore focused private matches. (To my knowledge)

Also, not everyone is likely to follow the rules, and no real way to enforce/oversee such a rule like 'No HUD / Tactical View' otherwise.

P.S. I personally would like more of an option to just disable the Tactical View rather than everything (F8) since it's still nice being able to read the chat.


Part of the new UI would be additional set-up features for private match. Would like to see some options and see how this works, wishlisted. 

I really don't think we have the player count to split like that.