jumpshooting bots in Verdun

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Now since the devs already said that bots are coming soon, I would like the time to discuss on how their 'playstyle' is going to be. Much rather than just seeing them going prone or brainless running around in the nomansland, i would like to see them actually perform a bit, i.e. jumpshooting or strafing. 

First of all this would greatly improve the difficulty in the game and push people away from spending a game alone with bots to avoid real, human players. It would also push those away from saying that only 'vets' are using jumpshots because now like half the game will be doing it. 

Game Version:
future one
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play game in future (i guess)
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At the very least they should act intelligent when dealing with enemies who are around corners.


Jumpshooting bots... Why?

Jumpshooting is not historical. I never see any ww1 soldiers do a jumpshoot on a trench. 

I cannot agree with this idea. it will ruin the historical values. With bots i do believe we can re-create a mass assault on attack to the trenches. If they are jumpshooting. it will not re-create any mass assault. instead the bots will jump all over the place


It won't ruin it at all.  You have to understand it remains a game, and not a historical battle simulator. The point to add the occasional jumpshot is so that 

1. Not everybody will make his own 'private' public game to get high kd against bots, but rather play other real players who don't jumpshoot. 

2. The bots aren't just cannonfodder for the real players, if they'ld just run/walk over nomansland they are far too easy to shoot. 

3 This would be a countermeasure against the many snipers and mg's in bugged positions. They would be able to kill them with relative ease and push the player to keep moving and find better locations.

The other point than, never have i seen a picture where players shoot in the air to kill players, callin mortars and planes by telepathy, deploy mg a meter in the ground etc. Eventually we can't forget we're playing a game, and not a simulation. That has yet to be made...


Its a historical-simulation game. they ever do a survey and most players say its a historical-simulation game.

I think the link is in here https://steamcommunity.com/games/242860/announcements/detail/3339858483803754485

"the majority opted for realism, with 74% of you going for 1-2, and another 20% for 3."

and what do you mean by "Real players" ?

shooting soldiers advancing no man's land is easy because they have no place to cover. that what happen on WW1.

MG are assets during WW1. because MG are the backbone of the army. its really difficult to kill them and i think it should be put on that way. 

They only added bots on underpopulated server. Which probably doesn't have any players at all. adding Jumpshooting bots most likely makes these new players for not to play this game at all. after all, they have to study the basic of this game. by making bots able to Jumpshoot, you already kill them for playing this game because its so difficult for kill jumpshooters. and i bet it will not help the playerbase.


Yeah the historical-simulation featuring jumpshooting, strafing, telepathic arty, regenerating health, COD UAV (Recon plane), endless UI/HUD, no friendly fire, and the list goes on. 

That survey was a joke. Majority of people who took it either don't or barely play the game so it couldn't be anymore meaningless. 

MG's are a joke, literally one of the easiest things to kill in the game unless they get glitched into ground (It's still not fixed devs).

They haven't added bots to Verdun yet. Killing jumpshooters is not difficult, if you have difficulty with this it is because you are a bad player and if you want to actually improve then playing against competent players is the only way for you to do this, playing against shitty AI will only ensure you continue to suck. 

Bots might as well jumpshoot, perhaps this community will finally learn how to actually play the game. Right now the average skill level is borderline stupid bad. 

edit: Who am I kidding, the average player in Verdun at the moment is actually worse than Tannenberg AI. Don't worry though new sounds and officer animation is coming so all is saved! 


People play this game for different reason. not all play this game for K/D scord (me for example. i play for ww1 simulator)

Adding jumpshooting bots will make the new players wonder "why the bot is jumpshoot. isn't this game about ww1?" and you know what happen next. They ask a refund or stop play the game

"That survey is a joke most people don't or barely play the game "

Remember that every players have a right to vote whenever they barely play the game or no as long they pay for the game. remember: Every players have each own reason for play this game. and according the Survey it seems they want Historical realism and not mention this survey is created by the devs. which is the most reliable survey. with >700 participant the data is reliable. or can you make a survey which is more reliable than this?

I ever play at EU and US server. Both of them are bad and toxic. I prefer playing with bots rather playing with rude players who asked me to kill myself

one more thing "Killing Jumpshooters is not difficult"


People play this game for realism. why do we need jumpshooting bots?

well you can say i'm a bad player.

PS: i haven't play Verdun since the player act rude towards me in EU so i really want to play with bots

Also the Asia server always empty

and sorry for my bad grammar

Agree, every player has its right to vote, but there wasn't any control on the survey if you actually owned the game... Let's say even my newborn nephew could have filled it in. Also there were for sure persons who have filled it in more than once. The survey is a nice indicator, but you need to take it with a kilo of salt... 

And yes, the game is about Ww1, but like the devs said, it's more about the setting and loadouts, not about the exact movement. 

But I think also most players don't consider how far realism goes. We would see no Belgians or Alericans on most of the maps, most weapons should be removed when playing on early war maps (Aisne, Vosges). 

After all it is just a nice game we all try to enjoy, and a 100% tactical realisl simulator is not part of Verdun. 

But if you really do think the jumpshots will be an issue, make another thread on maybe a command on private games to disable it again. 


Amazing idea, the jumpshooting bots will certainly improve the game


I think that is the way. ARDITI TACTICS!!!


we have the community behind us guys 

We don't have the community, if we had the support of grandad biggaloot and Ranjid though we would be good.

@devs, any insight of you guys?


Thanks for your feedback. When bots will be implemented they will not display 'jumpshooting' behavior. Instead they lean more towards realistic battle behavior.


I.e. they will be useless

So they will go prone and camp corners even more? I think it would not hurt to go away from that ultimate immersion. Even if there is only 1 bot jumpshooting or even just strafing it would be better. And I'm not alone, clearly this idea has a lot of support too (18 upvotes to only 5 downvotes)


Pretty much "realistic behavior" probably just means running straight lines, random proning, and them just being cannon fodder.