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bayonets are still broken

elok 7 months ago • updated by sfh1999 1 month ago 31 4 duplicates

yeah, no, whatever was changed didn't work at all. No noticable change. You can look directly at someone hit the melee key and still the bayonet wooshes through or passed them

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Play the game and hit the melee key
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Still not fixed

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Thank you for your report. We are sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues. Does this still happen when stabbing an enemy closeby? Or is it from a distance? Any details/videos on this would help us greatly. We will have another look at this.

It happens when you stab anywhere. The bayonets may as well be rng at this point. 

I think the range is faar to big now, you can stab an enemy from like 5 meters further, when there isn't an real close combat, maybe this range could go down a bit again.

If you think this is something other users also would agree with it is best to open a seperat ticket for that.

Awaiting User Response

We attempted to reproduce this but did not yet find any issue like your described yet. Here are some videos of the melee behavior we observed:



Perhaps you notice anything that you find strange? I'm not saying there is not an issue but we have trouble experiencing this and can definitely not reproduce this as easily as you state it in your report. Do you have any more details or videos? Perhaps it is a specific bayonet type? Does anyone else experience this issue aswell?

How about instead of going into a lobby with bots and stabbing them head on, actually play the game against real players with varying pings, strafe while stabbing, move around while doing it. YOU CAN GET SO MUCH INFO BY ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME. I'm done with trying to get stuff fixed. This stuff needs to be tested IN THE ACTUAL GAME, But you guys aren't going to do that. Youre just going to push out bad updates then say everything is fine and not even make an effort to fix anything that matters. Play the game. You can get your own logs and find more bugs. Why should i report this stuff if it doesn't get fixed and you guys just act like its fine while not even actually PLAYING THE GAME?

Fixed in upcoming version

We have further investigated the issue and it made us think that perhaps it is network related. Therefore we have increased the tradekill grace time specifically for melee from 25ms to 150ms. This might feel better for players since it is not uncommon to get shot but still be able to stab someone in real life. We hope this resolves the issue for you aswell but please let us know by resubmitting if it doesn't!


This is great, I have been shot many times JUST as I was stabbing them with no effect. Sometimes even if your head gets blown up, the sheer momentum of your strike should be sufficient to finish the stab and hit an enemy.

And since it is already pretty hard to get into melee range, I think a small buff to stabbing is a good decision.

No shit it's network related. I doubt you guys actually play tested this fix in game. So its still going to be broken

And it doesn't have to do with kill trading, the person doesn't have to kill you for the melee to not work. This is an issue like hitreg is an issue. The person simply isnt where you're stabbing them on the server

Fix Live

The adjustment is now live on current default version: V289.10485 and can possibly fix your issue. We were unable to find any other issues after playing the game for a longer period and this seems to be the only report on the subject we have received so far. We would still love to look in to this if you can provide more details like a video and your network stats. Thanks for reporting and we hope this helps!

So is this going to get fixed?

Needs More Reports

We have adjusted and had look at bayonets previously and as you know we could not find any strange behavior after playing and testing. This report contains no details on what you exactly experience that is broken. Would need more reports from other users or a more detailed report on your experience(video preferably)

How about instead of walking into bots head on and stabbing, play with actual players that have varying pings. Strafe and jump while trying to stab them. You'll see the problem. You're not going to play the game though, so its not going to get fixed.

So the game's going to die before this gets fixed?

One thing I've noticed at least 2 times is if you are too close to the enemy your bayonet goes through them without hurting them and instead hits the thing behind them.

So like if the enemy is close to a wall, stand super close to them, hit melee, you wont kill them but you should hear a PIIIING caused by your bayonet hitting the wall behind them.

I'll say, the bayonets look a lot weirder than they used to with that "faster damage" thing, but the end result is a lot better imo. But yeah clearly not 100% fixed. Actually shooting at close range has a lot of the same issues bayonets have. Try playing with an RSC gun, shoot somebody very close and see how it takes 3 shots to get 1/3 to register most of the time lol...

That's  one issue, another one is like hitreg, the server thinks they're somewhere else than shows up on your screen. If you go to my other thread, you can see how it was tested. In a match against bots, running head first into them then stabbing. Thats the laziest, least productive way to playtest it and the fact that the devs think thats okay is ridiculous.

Most likely caused by the lag compensation system... The one they are using doesn't fit a game where so many weapons are 1 shot kill....

Verdun has lag compensation?

You kinda have to if you make an online game... So I'm pretty sure there is. Otherwise if person A lives closer to server and person B lives way far, B will get killed literally every time even though they shot way before.

But there are many ways to compensate for lag. For instance in some old strategy games the server would just wait for all players. That means the dude who's got the best connection and/or is closer to the server gets the same latency as the guy who lives the most far / has shittiest connection.

Pros: you are sure that everybody sees the same thing and there's no fuck ups    Cons: Way less responsive....

From what I've read that's not how FPS usually work though. Instead the server just kinda tries to predict who shot first based on some algorithm. Clearly in Verdun what the server decides is often way off what you see client-side.

I was joking. Though there are some games where it looks like a powerpoint presentation


Another pass is being made for the melee lock-on, and hit detection in an upcoming build.

on opentesting it seems to be worse. Now you can stab in front of you while someones standing behind you and kill them without even turning.

In WW1 Russia, the back stabs you :D

Disturbing, thanks for the report.

I think it's fixed now in 11145

Fix Live

This went live with update 11145

I am sorry to inform, but they are still broken in my opinion. The only thing that seems to have changed is that the number of trade kills (or killtrading) has increased. I can still see my character doing the stab animation and directing towards enemy automatically, then the bayo enters the enemy and...and I get shot because it's just too unresponsive somehow. I don't have a video, but what I pointed out in an earlier video still stands:

There's also a video made by someone else which was uploaded a few days ago and shows another common problem where bayonet won't detect enemy at all:

Yes, in RDM/Attrtion, if you are in same "sides", you wont have melee autolock. In my mind, the melee autolock is disabled when  friendlyfire came out and you can melee autolock your teammates.