invisible mg glitch still not fixed

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The update brought no noticeable change to the ammount of invisible mgs. They're still able to glitch themselves into the ground and the barrel can still clip through sandbags

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Play the game and observe people playing with mgs magically go through the ground when they deploy, only their barrel showing
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Thanks a lot, we'll definitely check this out.

We will be publishing a new version on OpenTesting soon that will have improvements to MG deployment. We've found a few cases where the third person and first person were quite different. 

Though a change like this is rather tricky, there might be other spots on the terrain that behave differently. Thats why we first want to try this behaviour on OpenTesting before we release it live.

Thanks for your report!





That is because development takes time. It is on our list to be fixed either this or next week. Thank you for your concerns!


"Development takes time" how long has this game been out again?

Fix Live

Improvements for this have been pushed live in V10099+: Changed MG deploying, first person and third person should now match up much better. This can fix cases where mg was invisible for the players who were getting shot at. Let us know if you still experience issues on this matter by resubmitting and then we will have another look. Thanks for your concerns!

Under review

Thanks for your report. While we greatly improved the match up between 1p and 3p we are sorry to hear it still is causing issues. Do you perhaps have examples of specific locations where this occurs often? Any screenshots accompanying that? 
You mentioned sandbags specifically, does this happen often on sandbags that you have noticed?

We will have another look but if you have any extra details that would great!


Mg's are still bugged. 

In one of the clip Matt posted here, you can see 2 bugged entente mg's. At 0:25 there's a bugged lewis and at 0:38 there's what I think is a bugged hotchkiss (but might as well be a lewis, hard to say because of the angle and the camera movement).

Direct link to clip: https://streamable.com/5szr7

I can't provide more info, I don't play this game anymore, just browse the forum from time to time. 

look at the guy left of me, should be shooting couple 100m next to the map but was actually facing left...

There are still MG on higher Ground, only the tip of the Barrel visible. But Shooting down the hill. Helmet etc of the gunner not visible.

I was told in the Steam community, that an enemy can only see me, if I can see his eyes too.

This does not match my in-game experience.

Anywhere with ground at a steep angle or sandbags is a spot on EVERY map this isn't a problem with third person perspective, this is a problem of people glitching themselves into the ground with only the barrel sticking out.

glad that it got fixed already...

That was not considered the same issue as this. This is I believe a failing animation. We are also looking in to that.

Under review

Is that on the opentesting version or on the default version?


I've actually got a great solution to fix this problem.

Remove MG's. I'm sure erikthered will cry about it but hey at least you won't get killed by a MG that is in the ground anymore.

And I don't care about "immersion" or "realism". I'm really glad historynerd3766 wants to be immersed with his machinegun but I want a game that actually works. Immersion and realism get in the way of that. Besides unless the MG is broken it's just an easy kill for anybody who can aim, which is actually like 0.1% of the playerbase so I guess MG's are actually very effective.

@Elok:  Could be that the MG's are being affected by the prone system which is being investigated and reworked to include more third-person animations.

Source:  https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2453-prone-doesnt-work-as-intended-it-shouldnt-do-that#comment-7199

You can stick the barrel of any deployable mg through sandbags, boxes and the ground it's partly an issue with third person perspective, but the main issue is the entire deployment system. You shouldn't be able to deploy an mg behind sandbags and poke the barrel through

Shouldn't have to constantly bump threads for them to be aknowledged

Awaiting User Response

Deployment improvements:

  • - Anti clipping/floating:
    - Certain deploy checks depend on being prone or not: this used the current state, now uses the stance that you'll get into when deploying (-> less chance of crouching through terrain when deploying from prone, and easier to deploy intro prone from crouch)
    - You won't be able to deploy into prone anymore if you would be prone-blocked there
    - Stance switch heights so that there is less chance of feet sinking into terrain
    - As certain low heights are simply too low for crouched and too high for prone, so you won't be able to deploy on those heights
    - Note that clipping still may occur, especially when deploying into crouched on steep terrain
  • - General deployment improvements:
    - Deploy spot picking isn't influenced by breathing cam movement anymore (this would sometimes making the icon appear and disappear while standing still)
    - Different way of picking a deploy spot ('checkheightprio' was unpredictable and influenced distances; now gives more priority to closer spots to further lower chances of clipping)
    - Removed overly strict front-downwards wallcheck, so easier to deploy on flat surfaces like boxes and trench edges without walls/bags

The Devs are aware of one case where clipping can still happen with MGs. (That was quoted from the update changelog) Did you happen to notice which stance they were deployed in however? I have personally seen some clipping into sandbag walls / parapets while standing and the red marker is a little further out, but changing that would mess with players' ability to deploy in windows and the like.

If you have recent video or screenshots of these particular clipping deployments that are from the current v11161 build or on Opentesting. That'd be quite helpful. Thanks for the report as well.

here, took these todat in squad def.

One is into the ground and one is folating above the ground

I don't mean to spam or anything, but I need to show that this is still very much a thing.  These screenshots were only taken over the last weekend;