hit detection, lag, melee is random, bullet proof barbwire

Marian Fanica 5 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 2 months ago 5

Some problems/features:

  • People hiding inside the ground
  • The great attractor-something is attracting nades to the walls
  • Melee is not working if you are close
  • Usual random hit detection
  • bullet proof barbwire
  • Fake reloading
  • Throwing nades sideways
  • LAG
  • Shooting people in the head(the only part of them that is outside the trench) and get a hit mark, or hit on the calf from shootdebug


Important: those problems from the video didn’t occurred isolated or only 1 time, they are very common and I’m not the only one. A lot of players have similar issues.

Issues are much more often at evening when are more people on server (Maybe the server cant handle all the calculation and traffic, idk)

Is not my hardware, otherwise I will have problems in other games too and my internet connection is really, really good (optic fiber 10MB up/down and average ping of 50ms) and the same problems are confirmed in the game by other players too.

After more than 3.000 hours I can tell a hit by a miss and when something is not working as it should.

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
you need to play and issues will come
Weapons Network Lag Matchmaking/MainMenu Gameplay
Awaiting User Response

Thank you for your report. We would love to fix this issues but right now there are multiple issues in one report and this makes getting more details on the issue and status tracking difficult. Would it be possible to create seperate reports per issue? And it would be even better if additional details could be added. I know that the melee issue is already reported here:


This has been an issue forever, it became really noticeable and prominent not too long ago though. For months people posted the videos of the broken hitreg and awful netcode. Nothing came with that and nothing will ever change. Verdun will forever be plagued with godawful hitreg and netcode. At least we get new sounds though :D Like I might shoot the enemy and not kill him cause you know broken hitreg but at least my rifle will sound #superrealistic so I will be able to say I'm immersed.


The items in this ticket seem to be covered by other tickets. Thanks for the compilation.

ground/mg: https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2453-prone-doesnt-work-as-intended-it-shouldnt-do-that / https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2398-invisible-mg-glitch-still-not-fixed
grenade / sideways: https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2454-grenades-clientserver-position-desync

melee: https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2543-melee-range-too-long

hitreg/lag: new network update should be up in next version to deal with lagging players https://support.ww1gameseries.com/communities/1/topics/2525-the-hitreg-in-this-game-needs-to-be-fixed

Feel free to open up specific cases. (Closing this specific compilation ticket as we address the individual issues on a case-by-case basis).