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So since 200ping is too low to kick according to devs, It might be an idea to still lower it to like 250-300? For the points it affects the low ping player: 

* high ping strafing is ridiculous

* tradekills are (seeming to me) always in favour of the high ping player (many screenshots have been posted about this already) 

* warping through the map (seems almost like teleporting for the low ping player) 

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just play a couple of games on EU or NA server, many with ridiculous ping...
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Network Lag Gameplay

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With how the networking is set up, the master / regional servers are the closest you'll get. (Verdun/Tannenberg use the Photon Unity Network or something along those lines from Exitgames)

The servers allow people from across the world, yeah, but in the case of the Aussie player. The Australian server struggles with its player population and I personally can't blame them for wanting to play more than Squad Defense. (This isn't Tannenberg where they could play against and with bots in the main gamemode.)

A ping limit of 110ms is way too low as well.

Thank you for an explanation and I remember the days when you could set the ping in consul mode and remove players when the game became unstable due to ping. Your not the only game that has this issue and you find when ping gets above 110 the issues start. Unlike most players I leave the game when the pings start to get above 110.

The best games are when the pings are below 80 and it dose happen.

Can I make a Server on my computer with a kick setting for high pings 


Thanks for your report. We will look into interpolating the data of high ping players better so they do not teleport over the map anymore. It is most likely caused by users who are on a wifi connection with high jitter. For the other issues we will also emulate bad networking stats and improve those wherever we can.

Implemented in upcoming version

Better networking behavior is added in upcoming version. Details will follow.

I've only recently started playing Verdun (and not played any other multiplayer often). I'm in Australia and I've never found other players anywhere except the EU and US servers. My ping is high three hundreds or mid four hundreds. Sometimes I get kicked off for the high ping. Usually, I find that I die quickly. Don't know about it; how does it affect players with sub-100 pings?

Yes. for me personally as soon as somebody with 250+ ping joins, everybody in the game starts teleporting, everybody lags around etc. 

I can't blame you for playing on EU or US erver, but there are other australians or asian players around. My suggestion is that you look them up, and you join them, they have a steamgroup too. This way you could all plan a few games on the AUS server a'd srop floodibg the EU or US server

That was kinda harsh, you can't really tell people where and where not to play Verdun or Tannenberg and I highly doubt they are "flooding" the EU and US servers. 

You have no right to tell or even suggest where others go to play Verdun, and I have not seen this issue in some time. I have not seen a single teleporting player in a  few weeks and I've been on matches with very high pings involved.

He is right about there being an Australian group though, its called BigAss Verdun and as of now they have events every Friday around 8pm their time and 5am for me. 

They are a good lot and fun to play with, they've been loyal to the game and the DEVs for quite some time.

 However as many of them of have school and jobs they only get together once a week. Also feel free to check out the groups affiliated with Verdun and Tannenberg x64. We are a fun, casual lot who don't complain much and have players across all skill levels and across the globe.