Remove the fog

elok 2 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 5

No one asked for the fog, and its not going to change, but +1 this so the devs see no one likes it

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What a polarizing issue, the whole dev team is against it, all three of em

This dev team is an embarrassment...

Why are the devs downvoting things XD? What is the point of that?


Devs can have their opinion aswell ;) Anyway what exactly is bothering about the fog and when did this start happening for you? It is a bit unclear to me what you exactly mean and what you except it to be.

The fog reduces visibility, and it started happening WHEN YOU PUT IT IN THE GAME. are you kidding me? Do you even play your own game? IM TALKING ABOUT THE FOG, THE FOG THAT WAS SPECIFICALLY ADDED DURING THE MERGER THAT STARTED HAPPENING THE DAY THE MERGER UPDATE CAME OUT. what i "expect" is for the fog to be removed, no one, except for you, the devs, like the fog. I dont have any idea how i can explain this clearer YOU DONT HAVE TO REVERT ANY UPDATES OR ANYTHING JUST GET RID OF THE FOG