spawnkilling still happens, you just spawn 16 meters away then die

elok 2 weeks ago in All Platforms / PC • updated 10 hours ago 11

People spawn 16 meters away, but still in peoples sights, spawn killing is unchanged completely, and is to abuse

Game Version:
Reproduction steps:
1.In order to experience this, you have to play the game
2. Get shot
3. Wait
4. Spawn
5. Get spawn killed 
Output Log:

Thank you so much for your feedback! Have you noticed this changing in the latest patch at all? Are there any specific maps, or even specific areas in which this happens often? 

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Nothing changed, spawn on nco or in a trench youre defending and you get spawn killed the same amount as before, every map on frontlines. Even got one meme of a noob to complain after i spawn killed his entire team :DDDD

We'd love to get some input from the community, what do you think the best solution would be here? There is already a check to see if there are no enemy players nearby (within 10 meters), but its very difficult to know if the player you are spawning on is about to be killed. 

We could always spawn you further back, but that would mean more running and less action. 

input from the community? What so you can tell them the game is fine? Make it where you can't spawn anywhere an enemy is watching, just around the corner can be more than 10-15 meters, if theres no where for them to spawn then put them in a safe crater or quiet part of the trench. But im asking too much, spawn killing has been a meme in this game for years, and isn't going to get fixed, i mean look at the meme that is picardies last central powers trench; the spawn is in plain view of everyone and the noobs arent even man enough to use rifles there, they just mow everyone down with a machine gun. OFF TO THE SHREDDER

We will be adding additional analytics to see which spawnpoints have this problem the most. 

Its very difficult to know where an enemy is watching, but its a good idea. I'll do some prototyping tomorrow to see if we can guesstimate this. 

Thanks for posting specific feedback on specific maps, that really helps!


Upcoming update has a system to detect spawnkilling spots. After that we can better pinpoint on the affected spawns and tackle them all. If you happen to know any notorious spots we can make sure to address those first.

Spawnkilling spots?

Just everywhere Players spawning. Some are linked to Standard spawnareas, with some Players Camping there. Or just happen when spawning Close to an NCO.

Few days ago I spawned Standing in the middle of NML. Not prone, nor behind cover. Just fully exposed. Or an enemy just spawned 1 meter next to me. etc etc.

They would be able to fix this a lot easier if they played the game

Everywhere is a spawnkilling spot btw, if you spawn on an nco its a crap shoot, i've spawned inside of enemies on occasion. One time mid trench in picardie, i had the entire enemy team spawn basically on top of me. Whatever was changed trying to get "15 meter" spawns did absoloutely nothing, this "change" only exists in the changelog and you would know this if you played the game.