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Remove the blurry effect on rifles

Ecks Dee 7 months ago in All Platforms / PC • updated by WW1GameSeries 7 months ago 15 1 duplicate
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aim with a rifle 
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It would have taken you 10 min to try out some things in the game to see if everything works, would have saved the headhache of fixing it now

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I don't even know if its a bug or something new


Alternatively, it could be there for people with depth of field on, but don't force it on us who don't like things being blurry in our games


I think it wouldn't hurt to have this effect when a player is using the Hold Breath mechanic. (Simulating the effect of focusing on something in the distance)

However, it should not be in effect all the time of course.

*queue the flak and downvotes*


"queue the flak and downvotes" Well maybe there is a reason you get a lot of that lol.

If people wanted that I doubt 22 people would have upvote me asking it to be removed


I agree that it should Be there of u have depth of field on But it should be gone if it is off 

It should Be an own adjustment 


But on that Screenshot u Cant really tell whats blurry and what Not ..

Cause everything looks kinda squishy on that Screenshot ..

Was it scaled down 


Maybe ask the devs to fix the optimisation instead of breaking it everytime they update the game, so I could afford to play on another resolution like I did pre merge update


Probably the depth of field is broken down.

I agree, turning DoF on or off do not change anything, seems like it is always on.

Working on this right now, the DOF is indeed always on.


Found the fix, coming to you right as soon as possible!