weapon not firing.

styroporimohr 1 month ago in PC / Mac • updated by WW1GameSeries 3 days ago 7 1 duplicate

Once per match my weapon isn't able to fire no to punch someone with the stock. In need to die to get full control back

Game Version:
previous version before the update today
Reproduction steps:
unclear. happens mostly once per match
Output Log:

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Going to need a game log file when this happens.

Might also help to type, "/reportbug I just respawn (or whatever happened beforehand) and now I can't fire my weapon or use melee" into the chat. (Just take a screenshot before you press enter or copy/paste the /reportbug here.)

E.g. Link to game log file + /reportbug text (it's a title of the report)

The output_log.txt can be found here, but there is also a shortcut to it in the game's Local Files / inside of the WW1GameSeries Folder, "LocalLow LogFile Shortcut":

C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series

Or use Windows' RUN / Copy+Paste into the File Explorer Address Bar: %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\WW1 Game Series\WW1 Game Series

The player.log can be found here:


The player.log can be found here:


You can use a file sharing service (Google Drive/Drop Box/etc.), or use the Attach File option here, or use https://pastebin.com/
If the game log file can fit. Max size a Paste can be is: 512 KB (0.5 MB)

Note: Everytime you launch Verdun (or Tannenberg) your game log file is overwritten. So best to make a copy of it, if you experience a bad bug or crash.

Awaiting User Response

 Your gun just gets stuck in the non-ads state without any input possible? We would greatly appreciate this if you could provide us with repro steps. Also do you have any specific settings enabled such as Toggle Manual bolting?


I have Manual Bolting, Toggle ADS, Mouse Smoothing, and Auto-Reload (I think that's about all)

Had this happen to me on TB in a Carpathians match. Happened randomly after I took a shot with my rifle, so I am not sure of any repro steps for this one. IIRC, I had just respawned in that sector as well but now I can't remember if I was able to manually bolt the rifle after taking the shot and it glitched out on me.

"/reportbug I fired my weapon and then I wasn't able to fire again. Can't melee, reload, but I can move and ADS"

Note:  I was able to use the ammo crate and use a HMG, even fire it. I believe I was able to fire again but I hadn't the chance to test it.

@Elok: Going to need more details, like your game log file at the very least. Thanks for the report.

Might also help to use the /reportbug command when this happens. (Adding whatever you typed for the description into your post/report. e.g. "/reportbug I can't fire, reload, or melee")

This happened to me as well today. Only 1 time now in the 10 hours that I play. Sorry that I cant provide log file but I just read this and it was exactly what happened to me.


No problem, thanks for reporting. We have reproduced an issue like this and are looking in to a fix now.