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Nerf automatic weapons damage

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this being more against the MP18 and BAR who have a ridiculously high damage model. 

Its simple they are just automatic rifles, you can whipe out entire spawnwaves, and to do well with them you do not even need to know how to play the game. 

Its annoying to play against and extremly unbalanced

A return to how those weapons used to be would be welcome

inb4 someone tells me "but its realistic", the devs clearly stated that they prefer a balanced experience, both of those weapons are not balanced

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pick MP18 or BAR and just press M1 everytime you see an enemy
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Source from the Balancing Doc General suggestions: - Set end of damage curve not to 0, but to ~50 (BAR) and ~25 (MP18) respectively. - Increase headshot multiplier to 6 for BAR and to 4 for MP18. - Adjust ammo to more historical values.
Springfield 2.0

current profile -> "Springfield 2.0" (NEW profile, in middle between current Mousquetons and M17) [Enfield 1917, I believe]
- Adjust sights: Smaller ring (aperture) similar to M1917/P14 to make sights more useable. - Increase overall recoil (more vertical kick, esp. hipfire) - [Perhaps introduce historical ability to switch to semi-automatic mode with the '3' button (Sight Mode, the one that also toggles scope use)?] - Globally classify as 'heavy equipment' so that the appropriate effects/perks apply to it as well (see player stats at the bottom) - Further adjustments to smooth out the parts of the reload animation. (LOW priority) - Increase hold breath zoom by 10%. - Classify as undeployed MG for the purposed of perk effects.
Luger 2.0

current profile -> "Luger 2.0" (NEW profile, in middle between current Luger and M1911)
- Disable ANY limb penetration for ranges above 40m. - Further adjustments to smooth out the parts of the reload animation. (LOW priority) - Reduce hold breath zoom by 5%.

from what I'm reading it doesn't fix the 1hk issue

It wouldn't affect the ability to ohk in CQC, but it should affect the ability to make long range ohk's.

thats my problem, it shouldn't ohk in cqb, thats why its so unbalanced, I shouldn't just be able to camp infront of a spawn and just kill 6 enemies that I just ohk. 

The thing is giving a fair fighting chance, not free kills every time you enter the trench and start shooting 5 bullets per enemy like a maniac. 

The MP18 used to be more balanced when it was 2hk 


And honestly, giving ohk to pistols and MGs what a balancing joke, the people who made that balancing document clearly haven't played the game for more than 4 hours

As different people are reading this document there might be different definitions of "balance". Maybe that's the reason for endless potential of discussions.

So, what is balance?

Does it apply to the squad? Does it apply to all squads of a team or even to all 32 players?

Is the goal of balance, that given 32 players with equal skill should have same K/D ratio whatever weapon they use?

Is it not possible to achieve "balance" when teams have different weapons with different power, but both teams have them in a way?

Is the goal of balance giving Pistols, Rifles, MGs and MPs equal power? If so, why not restricting to K98 AZ only? ;-)

Just some thoughts we should consider on balance.

Remember the fact that MGs are rather useless in Verdun at the moment. Should they not be focus weapons, that you destroy/maintain with highest priority?

Balancing is comparing every weapon and see how they perform compared to each other, in an ideal case every weapon should perform better than others in a given situation, but should perform the same on the long run.  Mousqueton M16 and Kar98 are a good example of 2 balanced weapons. But in a fair situation the more skilled player should always win.

This is the general understanding when people say balance, thats how people understand it in games like Team fortress 2 or Battlefields, every weapon has its strengh and weaknesses. 

A perfectly balanced situation would surely be everyone the same weapon, but that would be just boring. 

I don't see the point explaining to you why the MP18 and BAR do too much damage, you don't even manage to get a grasp of what is meant with the word balancing. 

MGs are the scum of low skill, do a 1v1 MG vs Rifle with 2 level 1 players, you'll see the MG winning most of the time, do a 1v1 with 2 level 100 players same situation the rifle will win. 

MGs are stationary targets, they require no skill at all, but somehow the devs decided that it would be a great idea to put them on ohk, my suggestion was following the old damage model for the chauchat, so you basicly had to hit an enemy twice to kill him at any range. 

Both Mousquetons are currenlty useless weapons, and have been that ever since Horror of Wars was introduced. The reload speed needs to be reduced for both Mousquetos to make them viable weapons.


This is probably a solid idea, but the devs don't really do anything with the game anymore, just bans and I guess the new sounds are coming. Have a +1 anyway.

Rip this thread, the devs are not looking at it


9mm is 9mm, doesn't matter if Luger or MP18. From the longer barrel of a MP18 even stronger. It should definitely even kill on 80m.

Look if you're going to use realism to justify weapons being unbalanced to the point they are broken, then I'll start with : 

- why can I take a pistol bullet to the chest at 20 meters and not die, but if I take it at 15 meters I die ? 

- why can I take a bullet to the head but because I was behind a woodplank I only took 7 damage ? 

- why can I take a bullet to the leg and still jump and run around like a rabbit ? 

- why does my 8mm lebel bullet do less damage when fired from a chauchat ? 

- why do MGs that can't be hipfired do more damage than mgs that can ? 

- why does the webley do more damage than the webley scott ? 


Want to know why ? Because we are playing a game, a game where the developers stated that they wanted the weapons to be balanced, the automatic weapons like the BAR and MP18 clearly are not balanced. 

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MP18 is a very balanced weapon, totally not overpowered at all. Basically an automatic K98 with limited recoil and 32 rounds. 

Literally play the game once and use the MP18 and you will understand that it's completely overpowered. 

But who cares about things like weapon balance? We've got new sounds coming #verdunissaved

Yes.  Please do.  I just spent a round with the MP-18 and I was one-shotting dudes from like 50+ metres and mowed through trenches like it was target practice.  I can say the same for everyone else I've had the misfortune to play against using the MP-18.

Never ever nerf weapons damage. That's bs. I kill you with a 9mm on 50m, no matter which weapon (inserting source dude trust me meme). It is not the damage, that makes a weapon in Verdun overpowered, it is the weapon handling like aiming or lining up your iron sights. If you feel a weapon is too mighty in the game, I suggest you collect ideas on nerfing weapons handling/aiming.

Right because weapon damage has no relevance to the balance of guns in a Video game....

In the case of the MP18 it's damage model is one of the things that makes it overpowered, because it is essentially an automatic K98. 

You're right though, in addition to nerfing it's damage it should also be given increased recoil. 

And i'll save you time, don't bring up 'realism' or 'real-life' it is of absolutely no relevance here. 

i had the MP18 yesterday and that thing just dominates. the worst part perhaps is that it also penetrates fairly well. as a reminder, the MP18 fires pistol round cartridges, so it shouldn't penetrate stuff.

i don't want to open a new thread, but German LMGs (MG 08/15, 08/18, bergmann) should have a 100 round belt, not 150 rounds as they do now...

nevermind, i obviously misremembered...